Creator Next on TikTok + my encounter with a wild raccoon

So I would really like to apply for the Creator Next on TikTok and I meet three of the four requirements so far! πŸ₯³

I currently meet 3 of the 4 requirements to apply for the Creator Next πŸ€“

If you have a TikTok account (even if it’s just some off account that you use), could you please give mine a follow?

I’d be truly grateful! πŸ™

Having 1k followers will also allow me to go live on TikTok and show you my city, the beach, the parks, and I can do soft poetry readings once I reach 1k followers!

I see people go live on TikTok for the most mundane things and I would really love to bring the ocean to you and my poetry! ✍️

I’m allowed to go live on my Instagram and pretty much everywhere else but I don’t have any social media accounts that I really use anywhere else so it would be nice to be able to utilize the live feature on TikTok!


They are good to have, especially if you live with depression or any mental disability.

And I do appreciate the growth that I am getting on my account! Thank you!

Link to my account:

You can also search for me under my pen PoeEternal or my hashtag poeeternal

I dropped a video of a raccoon today, we’ve had some out here getting in the trash bins and they like leaving messes outside my windows πŸ€ͺ

I see them every night getting into the dumpster!

This one got caught and I had my light on him! He ran up the tree because I had my dog out with me originally and he was still sniffing to see if my dog was around!

Raccoons are so freaking cute!

Video of the raccoon πŸ‘‡

I know people say they are a nuisance and I’m pretty certain the apartment complex has been out here trying to shoot them away because sometimes I hear gunshots in the middle of the night in the wooded area πŸ˜‘

(They also dumped loads of chemicals in the lake once to kill the moss and they literally killed generations of fish both young and old) πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Anyhoo, this raccoon knew he’d been busted

He hissed at me a few times! 😌

Here is a behind the scenes video of my encounter with the raccoon this morning

My encounter with a wild raccoon this morning

He was so worried about my dog lol but I had already taken my dog in and grabbed my phone and turned the light on him

He couldn’t decide whether to stay in the tree or not

Dilemmas πŸ€“

I’m glad the video got a like! Adorable but very naughty raccoon! 😈

7 responses to “Creator Next on TikTok + my encounter with a wild raccoon”

  1. I believe this raccoon was a fairly young one still and he got caught on his own without his crew and he was a little unsure what to do ~ I was testing him apparently because he hissed a few times too☺️

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  2. 😬 oh noes!! I’d be a sobbing mess! We have wild ducks out here in the lake. See them more in the spring/summer times. Ducks are so stinking cute!

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