I am (poetry)

I am terrible ideas conjugated in mass

I am worse at math

His mouth is an open-wide galaxy
I collide with such force my soul splits
A trillion strings made from desire

I am rebellion in a cross
Located light-years from sanity

Though deserts we emboss
With sin and skeleton

I want for you to touch me
The way you do the heavens
When the sun rises with pink hues

I want for you to hear me, too

Am I the caw of the wild?
Your stone unturned?

Will you make a wish
When you do?

I am the spear of the mountain
The water and the dew

He bought the deed to my heart for $200 cash
An unholy tidal wave followed his path

He was fire and brimstone before my flood

Is he sin or sucrose in my blood?

I am a cooling stone
A brick or two
For piling home

I am rhyme without form

I followed his footsteps
Lavender wildflower over doom

His shores are rust and iron
I am white wooly cotton
Scratching surfaces

The shells were empty
But I collected a few…

The sign reads: NOTe WANTED

But even a fool can read between the line

I want love to have misspelled words and crinkled pages

A few have blood stains
Maybe tears for rages

Does my sorrow summon a ghost?
I am only haunted by fears

Maybe one day
I’ll be the crayon
Picked from the box

I was a broken piece long discarded

Time has existed so long I’ve arisen

I exist, I am

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

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