These lines (shitty poetry n’ prose)

I’m not your priestess
I’m not your saint
She’s not a goddess
You’re all insane

Stained by peat
Sin beneath feet
Life incomplete
Gave up all I need

Moonlight is septic and cold
The breath in your vein
Not like solar rain

I think I’ve lost my will to survive
Could bast in the sun
I’d still die

Dead men tell no tales
All these ghosts; I summoned back to hell

Heart is frosted
Feet exhausted

Even the highest heaven cannot contain him

I never got a chance to say thank you
It was implied when moon shun down on dream
And I crawled out your line

Love never danced on a secret moon
Such craters impact seam
Though love is yours and mine

When he speaks
Is it for one or all?
Raising the stakes
Good call?

We’re going to keep choosing stimulation; we’re in a simulation…

I once heard him speak
With rolling thunder under my feet

They all write each other poems and send each other nudes behind the scenes (you know, for emphasis). The blogging community. I’m not that kind of girl.

The press is propaganda

Time to lift the red curtain
It’s full of blood and you

I’m still on the TikTok under my pen and hashtag PoeEternal

All my life people demons held me down and made me believe I wasn’t an incredible creature

I’m only now learning to bloom

I’m prone to emo attacks at random

I see through all of you

You’re not as fucking secretive and mysterious as you think you are

It’s clear to see whose fucking who in every sense of the word

Still you haven’t got a clue

I know narcissist are incapable of remorse or reflection, is it kind of like an animal who can’t see themselves in the mirror?

Asking for a friend myself

I’m all alone out here in this cruel world

I think God is in me

Or just the fear of life ending

Because once I’m gone, I’ll never be in this form again

I’m not doing earth again

If you continue to prove to me by your actions that you don’t want me in your life then I’m not going to be in your life

I won’t look back ๐Ÿ™Œ

I’m willing to help those who want help and to change

That is nearly no one

It’s just the same patterns repeating in morse code

It’s not even original

Cleverly put together sure

I’m ragged edges

And moldy

They use children as fleshlights

I know

I’m broken and have kinks that I’m trying to fix

God doesn’t want me to feel shame

But I’m tired of trying to connect to anything

I wanna unplug

Grow a garden

Play in mud

Leave mathematics on the tree

Writing and poetry

Mother Earth is my mother

We can’t leave earth

Van Allan Belt

Leaving Earth is a pipe dream and we’re wasting all of our natural resources so a very few can lie to you

I don’t get my information from YouTube

Since 1970, over 60% of everything has gone extinct

Narcissism is a plague

Make better choices

I’m completely disgusted by the gay community or any man who seeks to undermine femininity and the power a woman has

They’re simply jealous they can’t have babies or breastfeed (soulless narcissist)

They want to be superior and number 1

Asia is Internet espionage (Trojan horse)

The FDA needs eradicated, our food is being poisoned

Jesus Christ hear me now

The Bible was written by the Illuminati who serve a dark entity, are Pedophiles, run Hollywood, NASA, the government, porn

Turn it off

The sun isn’t bad for you but sunblock is

Gaslighting everywhere

On the labels

Coming from the Presidents mouth

I’m dying from the vaccines which gave me heart inflammation

It’s been a long, slow, painful decline

Some days I’m sure I’m getting better, and others I’m certain I’m near the end

Up and down

Just like my breathing and the temps outside

I hope I get paid soon because I’m out of medicine and gasoline and certain food that I could use

Holding the line

Mostly in the field position

And from my bed

Not doing much dreaming in this waking nightmare

I don’t understand what you want from me

Aside to make me suffer, which I do enough of


From a safe distance

Do comply

I wish I were organized

But that’s not how the universe was created

Maybe over time I’ll display order

But uhm chaos theory

It applies

I break all odds

Until I’m lead into a dark cave where maps aren’t really what they say

The sign reads: HELL

You can defeat the devil in you

With sunlight, tree nuts (sorry if you are a dog or have allergies), water, cleanliness, good choices (mistakes not planned okay), positive vibes and energy, high frequency, forgiveness (letting go is okay), not hurting others because you’re bored and soulless and need a rise

Forgiveness includes yourself and it doesn’t mean you have to stay around people who continue to hurt you

It’s hard to break the sugar/starch/junk food cycle I know

It can be done

I drink mostly Florida spring water

And at some point the whole system may crumble and the source wants you to know that it’s OK if it happens because he’s given you everything that you need to survive, it’s just that the narcissist of the world have gobbled it up like hoarders and then they’re selling it to us at the highest price

The Bible has been teaching for thousands of years that our resources are limitless but they’re not

It’s narcissism

I don’t understand why growing up I was always taught as a woman to behave a certain way but now the gay people can just be like that in the open all the time 24/7, it’s just nasty everywhere, like orgy fucking vibes you know

Porn teaches terrible sexual habits

Alcohol is poison and causes early balding (hair loss) and early grey

I’m so hormonal

Like I’m 13 all the time

It’s annoying trying to control my sometimes out-of-whack emotions

It’s like ovaries chill

If I can get my health together I might try to squeeze in having a baby before I’m not able to have any more babies but like I live in hell, there’s only demons everywhere, they all wanna fuck your children and do

They wanna be demented and cheat

They want to do as little as possible so you will do it all

To hang onto some bullshit they sold you in the beginning

Cut the cords ๐Ÿ‘€

Save yourself

It’s allowed

Also, I never got a chance to tell you that in the beginning I always just assumed it was you who helped me with that thing that one time and I never did ask you I just came out and directed it and I know you don’t like when I assume things even though assuming is in my nature but

Several months later PayPay sent out some invoice that listed the donors (including the anonymous donors), which I thought was super shitty of them to do but alas

I needed to get that off my chest

Because it was super tacky of me to email you and I can’t like pay you back anyway, I don’t think that you would take it if even if I tried to give it to you, but even if I did send it to you I don’t know how that would go and it would feel weird even though I’d like to pay it back (how do you even do it) but also I’m starving and I’m still having to go get food donations so please don’t fucking hate me for being emo that one time and emailing you like I did when I was completely doped up outta my mind on big pharma, which I no longer take

But you helped me keep my ride and I’m eternally grateful and shall never forget

I’m so grateful I give you shit for it anytime I can and that’s probably because my daddy broke me in the worst way possible

It would probably be a whole lot easier if I told people I was a crackhead when I did those things, they probably would forgive me and want me in their life but when you try to blame big Pharma for your fucking actions it just doesn’t have the same weight you know ๐Ÿ‘€

Must be all the big Pharma propaganda advertising we’re spoonfed 24/7

If there’s any consolation though big Pharma nearly killed me and I’m detoxing from all of it

I do feel shame for my actions but I’m learning to forgive myself

I am grateful but I never lied

I never knew PayPal was going to do that either and they no longer even have PayPal Pool and it’s the only time I’ve ever done a donation campaign to try to save anything in my life

My soul is attached to that Jeep

And the lesson to learn is if I do lose everything including the roof over my head I can’t fucking die

And when you do die, you can’t take anything with you

And so I’ve chilled out on the road rage

The rage in general…

I’m having to learn to let go of a life that I envisioned for myself that I’m never going to have

The humiliation of being human

And constantly tortured

And I keep having to cut off those closest to me or those that I want to be close with

Most of the music you listen to was recorded in a frequency that causes depression anxiety and all kinds of shit and you need to make better choices so that you can get connected with the source and stop serving the singularity which is what the establishment serve AKA society

I know the things that I say are out there but maybe that’s because I’m from out there

I don’t want you to burn

I know you think you’re too far gone but that’s the devil that has a hold of you and you have to learn to be stronger than your current choices and you have to teach yourself better habits

I’m done crying and rambling because my nose is runny and I want to make beans

Those will take 6-8 hours and I never pre-soak

I’m all in

First of all they’re putting fluoride in everything and it’s terrible for you and if you stop using fluoride toothpaste your teeth will be healed within probably two weeks – mine were very very sensitive from all the sugar and crap I was eating but then I also gave up fluoride toothpaste and fluoride water and my teeth and gums are so much better- they don’t have like a cold heat sensitivity anymore! I guess probably within a month they felt so much better!

Stop using fluoride

I use charcoal and now I use coconut oil for my skin, hair, nailbeds

I love you so much and I don’t want you to burn

Stay in the light

Don’t be like Jacob ๐Ÿ‘‡

He predicted his very death

Shame he wasn’t listening

Must’ve been all that horse tranquilizer crap he was on while floating around a manmade whirlpool, which was basically a big fucking dishwasher drain for a gutty

The camera work was terrible and I refuse to go down the rabbit hole to see if there’s any truth about his death (like has anybody been to an actual grave or seen a fucking death certificate or anything like I don’t even give a fuck that’s how you get viruses on your computer) but I did suffer through the 28 minute final YouTube video, it was terrible terrible camera work for a person who was supposed to be a photographer

About 10 minutes in I saw death arrive

The entire video was creep factor

Get you a friend like Jacob if you want to die

It’s really hard to be emo in the UK because of Curtis Ian and his suicide affected the entire country so being suicidal can look very different in my opinion it looked just like Jacob

Who everyone said did this stuff for views

No, he did it for drug money

And if he really wanted to honor his sister, he would have done it by living a life instead

Instead of swirling around a fucking whirlpool that is a drain

I reckon he felt safe in his swimsuit but then he decided to go under you know because he predicted his own fucking death

I get mad because nobody told me not to get vaccinated but it’s my own damn fault I crawled into the cave but also the fucking directions were gaslit

The establishment lied

And big bro hooked up with Asia and was bought out by Hollywood who now want to force the users to use his application (we warned about Asian espionage back in 2008)

If you’re on an android device you can’t even uninstall the Facebook application (which is why I’m no longer using android)

I’m prepared to not have a cell phone at all

And if the government is going to force me to have a number and to be a fucking slave they’re going to start paying me for it and not with canned food and shitty wages

Not with annual rent increases or keeping the housing market rigged so folks can’t buy

God gave me everything I needed when I was born

The earth has everything I need

You’re not God, you don’t even have any skill sets, all you have is influence, all the establishment have is influence, Elon Musk doesn’t even have a fucking degree

Self taught big whoop

Born with a golden spoon

Checks a spreadsheet every morning to see “women aren’t having enough babies”

Because he’s also in bed with Asia and India who have been cloning and serving artificial intelligence, human hybrids and conditioning us for it

People would rather diss me than hear me, people would rather put me up on a cross and crucify me than to change their ways

“He died doing what he loved”

What. You mean drowning?

I’m scared of the whirlpool my bathtub makes when I’m draining the water from it ๐Ÿ‘€

3 in the clouds

He had, at least 3 warnings from death, to get out – I counted and maybe saw

Anyhoo, I love my ride

Folks like me driving them around the city

You think I’m not any good with secrets but you haven’t given me any worth keeping (poetic)

Maybe it’s not I who is untrustworthy but yourself

And you only wanna surround yourself with extremely intelligent women who are also kind of like slutty and whoreish (have no self-respect)

It’s so easy to see who’s fucking who playing word clue

One side always liking and the other not lol

Old methods and new ones stick out like a sore thumb no?

I can see through all of you but not always with clarity (for my own sanity)

Gullibility gaslighting

But even plants do it

Animals play dead

Still, I thought I was acting like a horses ass until I saw Jacob’s story

Poor lad had all the wrong guidance

He even talks about it “being scary”

But you know how the force gets stronger towards the end of the drain when everything’s about to be through, well I guess after 20 minutes of playing around in it he decided to go into the actual tunnel of it where his wetsuit no longer had buoyancy because it loses its buoyancy underwater and then of course he got pushed down by the singularity

So many phrases come to mind: “stop acting a horses ass”

Hold your horses


But mate, it’s already difficult to breathe in water

You were suicidal and had a death wish

I wish you had better friends

Don’t have friends like Jacob

But this kind of led me down a whirlpool roadmap and then I learned about how dangerous it was to swim in quarries and rivers and I did this stuff a lot when I was younger so I’m just thanking my guardian angels…

I’ve done stupid stuff but never so quite as stupid as putting a mask on in a whirlpool – a mask which prevents breathing and sight

And his fanbase dared him on

You’re a bunch of demons

I’m still trying to learn the lesson for him, I’m trying to take something from his death

Other than the fact that he needed help for his drug addiction and depression, he needed better friends and people needed to be honest with him about what he was doing, that it was actually dangerous, he shouldn’t be doing it and you should get out

To be honest, influencers ruined fandom for me…

And now TikTok is trying to get the big-time Hollywood actors to get with the top influencers and it’s just not working for me, the propaganda no longer works for me, it’s never worked for me!

Going to church doesn’t make you a better person

Demons are obsessed with image

But underneath it’s all damned

Gaslighting 101

I love you but I’m not jumping in the whirlpool for you for views, I’m not sacrificing myself to the singularity and I want to live to be 101 just despite the establishment

Humans are meant to live a hundred years

The sunshine is good for you (especially sunrise and sunset)

Stay in the light

Also WordPress is under siege

6 responses to “These lines (shitty poetry n’ prose)”

  1. Yes, I’ve been experiencing alot of glitches with WordPress of late, if it’s a ghost in my machine, it’s Asian espionage and 5G is dangerous. I do not comply. Getting ready to start collecting seeds and pottery and growing some foods in my 2nd, unused bedroom which receives a lot of sunlight. If I can save a penny, I’m looking to move into my very first home. Slowly rebuilding my credit from financial collapse. Nearly lost everything. Including my life and sanity. I have been cruel to others. I want to build a raft. Lay down the wrath.

    Thank you so much for commenting and visiting my blog!

    I’m going to be updating my website soon on WordPress, maybe a new theme will do the trick. I’m just extremely paranoid and my eyes hurt all the time. The things I have to experience and see. The decline of everything. The establishment are to blame and everyone who continues to consume it.

    I stopped buying the poisoned junk food.

    I turned off the news.

    I’m done with traditional medicine.

    I may become homeless again.

    Mostly getting food donations and eating more dry beans and nuts.

    Want my own place to grow food.

    I’ll probably destroy crops and cry under the moonlight.

    But one day, I’ll get it right.

    Faith in oneself goes a long way.

    There are others who know how to instill doubt in you.

    Beware of those. Light stealers.

    They serve a dark entity.

    Peace and love ๐Ÿ™Œ


  2. We have many shared experiences. I’m only recovering by not watching news, not worrying about others, and focusing on meditation and healing myself. I hope homelessness treats you well if you find yourself there again. I did well at the national parks when that was the case for me. If you’re in South Florida like I think you are, shoot me an email. I’d like to connect with you as a friend

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would love to use my tent (never unpacked) and turn my Jeep into a sort of camper. It’s paid off now, it does need a little TLC as do we all. She’s getting another oil change soon, just hit 76K miles! Got a new battery and new alternator recently. Try to take care of her but no pennies to do anything.

    My own land to park her own would be great.

    I’m out here in central Florida now. Want to connect with the local community more, farmers markets, farmers direct, and less Big corporation.

    Meditation is a great form!

    I wanna fix my bike or get a new one and ride more.

    Makes me feel free. Happy. Content.

    My dog would like it. He likes going for rides in his basket.

    But alas, my tires won’t stay inflated. ๐Ÿคช

    Liked by 1 person

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