The Curtain’s Drawn (poetry)

Fuck you
The curtain’s drawn
After all
Coupon or brawl?
A paragon
Cherry pecan?
I can go on….

I know the places the devil has been
How many angels can dance on the tip of a pin?
Patience is growing thin
What were your questions again?

The Great Wall of Deceit
A common denominator
The devil
Or biggest crater
Math a mediator
Your greatest hater!!!!!
Off my regulatory!
Not see you later!

My nightmare wrestle with principalities in power
His happy hour
My faulty shower
A moldy tower

I dipped my toes in the cold water of impostor syndrome
Though I’m climbing home
His book a catacomb
Where I roam alone

Is this poetic enough for you? Yes? No? Please respond.

There’s no ethics in science
It’s all been compliance
Conditioning for the all male alliance

The narcissism that’s spread across the earth
I’m taking back my worth

*smells Lucky Strikes*

I’m living out of boxes
Your thoughtful paradoxes
I’m counting down my losses
Organizing crosses

I can read the future
Tongue will need a suture
Slumped over in stupor
You’re still a loser

I sit behind no curtains
Maybe old burdens
Cold and cursing

These serpents
Feast on virgins
I want to hurt them

Still converting
God is learning

My spirit forms in verses
Satan’s not in service


Living on love and loans
Completing milestones

Fashionless maybe
Factionless daily

It’s a set system of corruption

God is electrical
Coronal ejection’s
Stitching up my heart
Solar flare to ark
The light and dark
Not far apart

Direction unclear.
Nothing is near.
Words echo ‘come here’.
Stop living in fear.

There is no path that leads to my address

Did you once call me magic?
Maybe full magnetic?
Thought I heard fanatic?
Maybe just pragmatic?

Can’t wait to go Thrift shopping again! New day and new month begins this week! Gonna try for store opening this round! Free thrift shopping for a year by the lord! 3 shopping days a month! 25 items each time! Books don’t count! 🤪

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