Chariot (poetry)

They exchanged dreams
The way light beams

And Simone
She is always happy
I guess I’m low
And feeling scrappy

Something to be wanted
Such satire
Only stick around to be haunted

The simulation’s broken
Hall of purgatory
I’m over hoping
Love’s the allegory

I’m faintly screaming
Maybe sick of dreaming
He’s quickly fleeing
Has no courage seeing

The devil and his tricks
Got riddle in the mix
Or crucifix
But truth conflicts

The starring role
Always narcissism
A faceless soul
Name him aphorism

He will never be forgiven…

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

It’s full of propaganda but worth a rental.

The poem is completely inspired by the film (same title of the poem) but everyone will assume it is about YOU.

One response to “Chariot (poetry)”

  1. The Chariot (2022) with John Malkovich and a ton of bad reviews apparently but I watched it three times in the 48 hours that I had it.

    I’m still trying to make sense of that riddle and also tying the beginning and the ending together.

    I haz so many questions. 🤔


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