Amazon Wishlist gift arrived 🤩

You got me the Vegan Bunny Box!! 🤩

Hoarder problem 101 cuz I’m keeping the cool bunny box for special mementos and thangs!

Vegan Bunny Box

So many vegan edible goodies inside! 🥳

It’s not quite my birthday so I haven’t gone through the box!

Attempting to wait! I may change my mind! 🤪

Cuz the belly is growling!

And now I gotta practice patience and not eat the entire box in a day! 😌

That is an absolutely cool gift box and I love how the bunny ears pop out!

The treats are vegan! 🤩

I had no idea this bad boy was arriving so I wasn’t sure if I was opening a box of meds from the VA or not.

It was not a box of meds…

It’s a box of heaven!

The Devil was coming at me hard today (that’s a different blog post) and it was so nice to arrive home to an early birthday treat

My little order from DollsKill has shipped but there was no way it would have arrived this soon.

The bunny box was a definite surprise!

I haven’t tried any of the goodies yet and I’m certain they are delish!

Why do I love the box of bunny ears so much? 🤩

I’m gonna repurpose this box once the goods are spent and are dissolving in my tummy.

It will not be in the trash bin…

The trash becomes the treasure…

This box is not trash worthy.

Send someone this surprise goodie.

I had it in my Amazon Wishlist for the goodies – had no idea the packaging was so cool! 😎

I spend time reading reviews and inspecting items –

I’ll be back with photos of the delicious treats

I rarely eat a vegan treat I don’t like…

Thank you for the Bunny Box! 😎

I have nothing but love for my box!

I still love my Vegan nail polishes too!!! ❤️

Thanks for thinking of me for my birthday!

I appreciate the spoils 🥰

Vegan nail polish xo

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One response to “Amazon Wishlist gift arrived 🤩”

  1. 2 items down, 18 to go! Trying to do 2 per day! 🤪

    The 2 items I had were delish! 😋

    Most all the items are things I’ve never tried!

    I love my Vegan Bunny box! 🥰

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