Warmth (poetry)

I know how much you like the warmth
Crisp morning air circling

I see your light
It’s the same as water sparkling

Pale moonlight
Blood and roses

Our poetry
Going through osmosis

Severed wings
The way God approaches

He won’t kneel for me
I’m beyond explosive

The frothy sea
I love him helplessly

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I’m still organizing the clutter inside my soul and beyond…

I’m a vampyre. Got the elite blood from the elder Gods. Authentic. They can’t corrupt my DNA. 🤨

The Devil tried to kill me and I slept the fucking year to heal. Doing warrior thangs. Reverting back to what the Army taught me. And sometimes wounded warriors need a long time to heal cuz they get the worse wounds in battle.

I told you I was marching around the trenches and now I done got myself stuck. 

I’ve been praying for answers, some of them I answered myself.

I’ve been disassociating for years. Maybe decades.

The evidence clearly shows.

My new self motto: “I don’t know how we got here, let’s just fix it.”

And when you start fixing holes in your ship, more will appear.

Don’t panic.

Find a way to plug the hole and abandon dreams if you must.

I know. Hang on. 

The waves will be harder…

Don’t jump from the cliff.

Don’t give up.

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