Lists (poetry & photography) NSFW – I IZ ADULT

Top of his lists
Of doesn’t give two shits

I don’t have anything to offer
When he can buy it all
A narcissist will not suffer
Like an angel will fall

Let him run to Paris!
Let him have his fun!
My name’s Polaris
Like lightning from a gun!

Have you been to the petrified forest in North Dakota?
Have I lost my quota?

God made galaxies to be seen
The calm and serene
The moon and evergreen
The sun and me

Full moon tomorrow
And I’m all sorrow

Mary Magdalene was a whore
Who slept with men for honey
Wanted bread, not money
What’s to abhor?

The homeless are an invasive species
Or so the TV tells me
As rent continues skyrocketing
The problem aren’t the elites

I’m organic
It makes the Devil frantic!
Hand stitched by God
The Devil cannot stand it!

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11 hours go by
17 make me cry

Why you take so long to respond to me
Takes an eternity

Mercury in Retrograde
Not like the softness in my tears
The way you disappear
Demand both sin and aid!
God’s not counting years
So the moon will not persuade
Though full when he appears
With only faith to trade
God’s not missing here

The King is a fool
Burning his confidant of truth

93 million miles away huh (all photography by @poeeternal)

The next time God sends you something with wings
It won’t have feathers
Looks like bad weather
Be damned is what it means
I warn of things

When in doubt
Like a fox
Make it thorough

Not going in – is what the sign reads (red flags 101) RIP JOHN JONES

Can we start over?
Since we never have before?
An open shoulder?
Not a closed door?


I have lost all sense of worth
I put in the work
Darkness was my crutch
Jumping cliff to perch
Swearing off the church
I know Satan’s lurch
Full sin born at birth
Decades roaming earth
Hell, heaven or hearth

Please save me

Freckles galore – kisses from the source (lots and lots) 9/25/2022 (time is bullshite) (Ethiopia is seven years behind. April Fool’s!!!!!!!!!) Stupid Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fell like a sword
Over propaganda
I am abhorred
God did not abandon
Heart can be restored
Faith my companion

He treats me like a number in the crowd
He’s a puddle and I can’t get out

I found myself a lost wanderer
Surrounded in fear
With water creeping near
But without wonder
Year after year
I know I am average
I am shrinking here

And now, under moon
A ceremonial ego death
Hard to draw a breath
John Jones go left!
I wake up in sweat
I lost a brother
Maybe the best

I am covered in agony
One lifeline to heaven please
God is feeding me
Gave me life and seed
Said get creating
Heart has energy
Blood is poetry

The earth took my blood
Water turned bone to stone
Earth is my home!

Earth is lying!!!!!!!


Tiny raindrops pouring down
Your energy speaks volumes
There in the Bayou
Lies who?

Cutting blood ties
With moonstone
What could go wrong
Hissing with his lies
Missing is his tries
Left to roam alone

I’m not crawling to my doom
I take cover under moon
My cloth isn’t costume
My favorite color isn’t gloom
I’m not chasing after you

The baby likely died last
Down in the valley
Family finale

ยฉ Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

All poetry and photography by @poeeternal

I’m aware my artistry is waning like the moon (sometimes thangs are better but I always put full heart in)

I hope there was something you enjoyed and there is more content coming! ๐Ÿคช

I got folks coming to my blog telling me to cover up. Last I checked I was a GROWN WOMAN and nudity is NOT A SIN

God made me capable of having children at 13 and I believe I should’ve been allowed to choose a husband while under the age of 18


*leaps from bridge*

They want me covered up in jab cuz they can’t control their urges

They teach their children women are to be seen as sex objects only – only nude when servicing man

The guy coming to my blog telling me to cover up is the same guy who supports porn stars and the porn industry and jerks off to porn religiously but then goes to church and drops some money in the tray and thinks everything is OK


“You’re pretty but cover up”

Photography of and by @poeeternal

How about shut the fuck up

I love when they attach “friend” to the insult


Glad he’s enjoying farm life and three meals a day plus infinite snacks



I am grateful for your viewship. I shouldn’t have to censor myself on my own blog. It goes against my purpose of full transparency and truthmongering. Sorry not sorry.

“I don’t want my kids to see this”

You mean the same kids you let loose in the mall and at Walmart whom openly sale erotic adult sex toys IN FRONT OF CHILDREN – not behind a curtain ๐Ÿ‘€

LOL m’kay


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