Protect the second amendment 💪

At all costs!

They trying to take away our Second Amendment through mental health

Luckily I live down in the deep south where us white folk don’t give a fuck about the paperwork because we like our motherfucking GUNS

Next they’re gonna start removing the soldiers for being too depressed so they can’t have their M-16

I was afraid to carry for a long time because I was so fucking depressed and falling down the propaganda hole and I nearly yeeted myself out of existence

I’m still suicidal because this society doesn’t connect me to my purpose

That’s why I go completely haywire during voting time


Notice how all the management positions and really good jobs have gone to the LGBT community Black Lives Matter community and immigration

Who is on the other end of the phone when you call to pay a bill?

I’m almost relieved when I get an American who speaks native English almost anywhere

I feel a stranger in my own land

But I’m not allowed to talk about it

I’m not allowed to talk about the country I signed up to protect

I swore an oath


To defend the citizens of the United States – the same citizens that the immigrants are using propaganda against to drive us fucking insane with hate, fearmongering, racism

The suicide rate continues to increase among Veterans and soldiers

And just because I’m graduating to group therapy doesn’t mean I’m not fucking depressed and that doesn’t mean you get to take my fucking gun from me either

I mean, you will see an uprising real fucking fast if people go to buy a gun and then they are flagged for mental health

And we’d be fine if we could get some peace and fucking quiet but they lifted the city noise ordinance in 2012


I’m a soldier and yet I’m not allowed to talk about immigration or how it’s a fucking problem in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sick of being forced into my masculine because the men here are emancipated

And then when I do take my clothes off so I can feel like a fucking female and human because I have no interpersonal relationships going on at all – then I’m fucking told I need to fucking cover up because I’m shameful and a fucking whore and I’m pretty “I’m to be seen, but not fucking heard”

He can buy whatever he wants but why buy it when you can manipulate someone and get it for free 👀

He has it all and he enjoys watching me run circles for breadcrumbs

He likes girls, he likes to gamble (there’s a poem here)

But God will be reigning on him soon

He was warned

Thinks he can piss all over God’s angel

Possibly his guardian angel

He wants me to beg for him to piss on me!!!!!!



I don’t care how married you are and how much connection you have – a great way to lose it is to piss on your fucking wife or shit on them OK that’s a great way to fucking lose whatever fucking connection you have because in the moment they may say yes to it but later on it’s going to eat at their fucking soul and then you’re probably gonna wanna do it again aren’t you, you gonna wanna keep pissing on them oh my fucking God oh my fucking gawddddd

I was a medic and I was a damn good medic and I’ve worked in the hospital, I’ve worked in the ER, I’ve worked in the ear nose and throat clinic, I’ve done all of it OK and I don’t want to be pissed on or shit on ever in any fucking kind of moment


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to look at other images of people and using it in a healthy manner that’s not hurting other people

I personally would not want to know that my husband was getting off on other girls, it would make me wanna jump off a fucking bridge

But I like looking at nude art images, including gothic horror vampire nude art

I’m not out here worshiping the devil or doing satanic rituals or lying to people

I personally do not use any kind of porn or toys for fulfillment because I’m undegoing a spiritual cleansing because I want a husband

I am naïve enough to believe that maybe there’s one man out there who will choose me over porn

And the guy who called me for 11 hours, he only drops me breadcrumbs now and he doesn’t think I have any worth, he hates my style, and he wants me to beg him to pee on me, I mean as if


I’m just ready for payday to come so I can fill up my gas tank and get the fuck out of my apartment

We still have hot weather but I would like to get out early enough to take my mini trampoline and do some fitness outside and it would be nice if I could go on my bike rides which I haven’t faced my fear of leaving the fucking apartment yet

Yes I do get out from time to time but I need a battle buddy

The Army instilled in me “use a battle buddy” system 

Especially as a female….

“Never go anywhere alone”

“If you get lost, stand still”

Like, I can keep going…

I mean, with the KNOWLEDGE IS POWER bits

I served in the Army when the Army was at its best (we got Gen Z and the quiet quitter now who want reward before service)

Now I believe it’s quite literally up to the veterans to save the world and we are trying to get our shit together, most of us are graduating into group therapy but that doesn’t mean that we are fucking better and it also doesn’t mean you are going to take away our guns or gun rights!!! 💪

You should be aware that the government likes to use emergencies to fuck you over and they invent the emergency to push control

I’m trying to save you

I love him so much but he keeps me on a low vibrational frequency and every time he comes around he’s disrupting my peace

I’m not ghosting him, I’m just setting healthy boundaries because he doesn’t realize what he has (but I do)

He can have his freedom I fought for

But I’m watching him fall all down the government millennial traps and his safety net is going to be removed by God

I have fantasies about spitting on my mother in her coffin when she dies

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