Sparrow (poetry)

We can’t stop tomorrow
Falling in the center of all hollow
Black hole is sorrow
Do you have hope to borrow?

And where I’m crawling narrow
Do you really care though?
Always chasing pharaoh
Name sinner sparrow

I can eat a meal with Abraham
Or Gideon
Fight the city of Sodom
Blindsided with no hand

They call me FALLEN
Say my name –
Never see me crawling
Calling poison pollen

His self-worth
Is wrapped in numbers and money
Thinks darkness is sunny

Swallowed by sinkhole
Earth on cruise control
Got my spirit low
I live on limestone

Love is a feeble and fragile fire
Under denial
He will still smile
Lie while under trial
Claim that he misdialed
He’s a pedophile

I’m not interested in validation
But more of if today I will eat a salad

Blood of the gods
Drink it in gobs
Amber makes tongue throb
Need it a lot
Plot for my crop

He can’t believe he crawled into that hole
Based on the lies he was presented
His death could’ve been prevented
He uses me to speak it

Lives are born and never recorded
They are important

If eyes were closed
His love disposed
His blood runs cold
Like death decomposed

The worst of all possible punishment
Put it on a monument
Pay the earth a compliment
Nevermind where heaven went
Paid with life and not one cent
Left us broke to an extent
You think dying’s intimate?

Well my hand was drawn at midnight
13 minutes after bad luck
Tiny feet kick through sheet rock
I don’t give a fuck

He’s glaring attentive
The sun burning incentive
He stands with attention
Will burn through dissension

Better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war
That’s my rapport
Put it on a flag and let’s explore
The garden is what I’m fighting for

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Thanks for reading! 🤓

Photos from last nights try on session (so casual stuffs)

I’m still rearranging my bedroom and my bed is now on the floor and I gave my neighbor my lazy chair recliner because I’m still getting rid of furniture and might be homeless soon thanks to Black Rock dictatorship


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