XMAS and thangs ahhhh

Oh hi. My package arrived. People were complaining this hat was small.

I’m small too.

My package arrived on Veteran’s Day. I wasn’t expecting to see it today.

Satin Christmas nightgown, and Santa hat and leg warmers for any part of the day (tis fall)

But scored more items from ROMWE

And got a special XMAS teddy plus other special items I don’t want to show (I don’t even know if they fit yet, I haven’t had a try on)

Red bow Christmas teddy with bell

Despite the semi-holiday and storm Nicole, my package arrived in rather quick time


And sunshades for the Jeep. Happy they arrived. And the lord blessed me with a week of rain while I went without. Great price. Great quality.

Got some shop rags and a cleaning tool

Scored some foot socks. Soft feet.


A crop top and pair of leggings (if they fit)

Clothing and cleaning and protection and I’m not spending a fortune and everything comes in a neat little bag. There’s minimal cleanup or waste.

Unlike America where you spend half your time chasing your tail just getting into the package and SO MUCH WASTE

I had 1 bag arrive with little bags of goodies and all trash fit back in the bag it came. I didn’t have to make a huge trip to the dump.

I like shopping at Shein but they are changing

So far my experience has been good

My first Christmas lingerie (will it fit?)

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