Signpost (poetry)

I’ve known him the longest
We met near a signpost called despondent
In a forest of fondness
Sadness my bonnet
I’ve loved him the longest

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I abruptly stopped the detox days ago. Can still taste the poison on my tongue.

John has been down there struggling nearly 23 hours now.

In retrospect

They passed that cave off like a family event

Leavitt was shocked it closed. He was hoping a death would bring in more than 5000 visitors annually.

God bless John Jones


Given a FAKE MAP

“I thought I was somewhere else on the map. I thought it was going to open up. Why did you put me here?”

His faith couldn’t save him

Nor 100 rescue personnel on the tax payers clock

He died with shit running down his back

Hot and sweating and miserable

“I hate this cave”

Went in with his headlamp as a boy


Gonna be an easy one huh

Nighttime huh

Management not even ensuring they have proper gear

Giving them a fake map

“Have fun”

Shocked it closed down

“There are things that happened down there that will never be disclosed…” Michael Levitt

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