Shame (poetry)

I try to hide my shame with socks
The bruises, the scars
There’s no love lurking in my mailbox
I’m chatter from the sidebars

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Thank you for everything. Practicing gratitude.

I honestly had no idea that covering my bruises with cute socks, would help my mental health, but it does… (proof on the OF)

The algorithm must’ve finally learned English and grammar

After I threw out the Smart TV 📺


Albeit it recorded shame as SHEIN in caps so

I want an annoying old typewriter

Not synthetic fibers

Finally got my hands on some plates that say MADE IN THE USA and holyshite that’s rare

To be from a country where everything is sourced from China India Mexico Thailand Japan – if it does say USA now sometimes it’s a trick and most items were sourced from Brazil

I live in the USA but feel a stranger SLAVE

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