In-between (poetry)

I’m thick but thin
A contradiction
I’m wrought with sin
Mary Magdalene

The in-between is the longest
Gotta keep it honest –
John faced doubt like Thomas
Crawling like a novice

Hurry hurry rush / complacency

Removing compression
Lifetime depression
I love in discretion
I’m stuck in level seven
Suicidal without question

The devil has congregated where I sit!
The conversation’s better than this!

“Who dies many times before their death?
The snake said under his breath –
I like you best

You will experience three deaths:
First the day you die
Second buried under sky
The last time your name’s replied

The sun is radio signals
The rain on my windows
My smile and my dimples
The end and middle
My skin and wrinkles

And Saturn is a satellite
I hope I hear from him tonight
Swinging in with moonlight
Watch for him by daylight
Got a big appetite

I am downward spiral
Hand won’t swear on Bible
I am God’s disciple
I am homicidal
Calmly in denial

“Well tell me you have hope”
It includes a smile and a rope!
Busy climbing but that’s not a nope!
Dying is a slippery slope

He looked on like I wasn’t average
What caused his absence?
Needed a moment to balance?
Slipped into madness?
Could he see my sadness?

I lay awake and alone in a dark and sprawling and empty house
Without a spouse
I don’t even have a mouse
Just a “dirty mouth”

“Miracle cures” –
Snake oil ain’t pure!
Satanic for sure!
Hell’s got constant tours!

The Great Filter is narcissism is a plague spread by Biblical propaganda, prostitution, and porn. These nihilists make you wish THEY were never born.

I don’t own anything but sorrow. Tell God I’ll see him tomorrow?

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

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