The Sister huh

Oh shit

Wait and he owned a unit there too


So the killer’s plastic sister is married to a plastic surgeon


Bob saw her

Still, you give up your own life to defend your sister from doing something she wanted to do?

Was he fucking you both?

Oh is this the “surprising details”

Well I’m all in…

Go on…

I don’t hear “great husband” in any of the articles tho

It is better than most movies coming out these days

Let’s expose the tech giant

My imagination is going wild out here

But there’s no one to call when you’re dying? Like he had a phone.

Folks say he could still be around if the car did something

He could have stayed down the first time

I would have found a tree or bashed some windows in

The peace or the chaos

He thought he owned the world at 43

Couldn’t be touched

Was he fucking the brother and the sister tho?

Maybe that would be the better surprising details – if he was bi and all 🙂

I’m allowed to write my poetry and grieve via anger – he ruined Cash App and Android and his marriage and maybe someone else’s?

I’m not going to jail because my sibling was cheating tho

What am I missing? Who got the clue or the unlocked article?

They ain’t getting my .25 – I don’t care how juicy the details get

I ain’t dealing with the devil

It is cheaper than a movie ticket tho but probably still full of ads

I wanna remove them from my blog soon – it’s just I’m protesting WordPress and that prick

Is he next!?! (I don’t condone violence nor want anyone to die)

(But sometimes I laugh when people do)

(I have not laughed at Bob)

(Bob should have kicked his teeth out – or did something with his phone)

(I’m bothered by his deep grip and apparently have an ocd about how he died)

And why did the arrest take so long?

“Came down on you hard”

“Handled it with class”

Last texts


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