RIP Bob – heart symbol

The sister returned a heart symbol sign in the courtroom – after you murdered someone she loved?

“Love you pricks” (last text)


Demon or delusional?

But a billionaire with someone who is a fake plastic Barbie – and not white – of course – is more in tune with reality

And married – (separated doesn’t count)

Where are all the “great husband” “great boyfriend” “great lover” quotes

AI and plastic surgery is not the way

It’s so corrupt – they’re turning on one another

Just like on the streets

Adultery is a sin

“I don’t love you, I love her” would be a better surprising detail

He’s just another man with his pants down – and trying to steal another man’s wife (triangulation)

These monsters go from one relationship to another without so much as breathing

Your whole life was in that phone huh

She was ready to leave her husband

For you


Little sinners

“Don’t believe in God”

“We are God”

“We make our own rules and make the sheeple follow”

Don’t be like Bob

I’m certain there was a FaceBook meme circulating

Or maybe it was Bill

That meme was made for him

I’m so disgusted by society

And everyone is so on edge and unhinged

Drove you to a dark secluded area and you still didn’t read the red flags?

I mean, you’re not even cold in your grave yet, and she’s giving your murderer a heart symbol

Awe boo

They’re famous now

He planned your murder (according to police evidence) and I hear he may only get 20 years

Probably get off on “good behavior”

How much to kill a billionaire?

Don’t give the cops your twenty and see if the killer gets 20


The streets of Florida aren’t any less dangerous than the streets of California cuz you sold America out bro – you and your boomer daddy

Stabbed in the heart – God told you to chill but noooooooooo had to keep getting up

RIP Bob – heart symbol

RIP Bob – heart symbol

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