I always feel like somebody's watching me...

Fields of Knowing

Where do I put the love? The world is ending but I still love you. Where are you?


Learnings and hard earnings


An angel dies in hell trying to save a demon she loved

I Love Him

An entirely long, Saturday morning freestyle for the one I love... Excuses and roses ❀

An Invitation To Love

Confusion front-and-center but love is the answer...

In The Ever

Be tender with my will (Dedicated to CAP)


An entirely long dreamy freestyle poem


I can't stop my love for him or his rhyme

Between The Lines

These non-rhymes I do are a rare event. Hope you like! πŸ™‚

The Garden of Us

A rhyme or cadence (updated with original digiart)

Body Paint

His words cover me like body paint


Call me crazy but my heart says he loves me

Heartbreak Hotel

He was the best and worst thing to enter my life, like a flash flood destroying all the good but making room for growth.


Y'all remember that scene in Dracula where Mina was begging for forgiveness for loving a monster? Yeps me...


*SIGH* still love him

Home 2.0

His madness has driven me mad

Vampire Viking Fourplay

Something like that babe...

Like a Moon

He captured me

Made For You

I am you and what I see is me


Ah, love in the underworld; sinks fangs into flesh (succulent)


A complete freestyle

Light-years of Love

Freestyle rhyme of infinite love and longing


My starlight in the night is his existence

Angel Queen Darling

To her, his very existence was a miracle. A sweet micropoem.


Lead me to you

92 Million Miles Away

When they come together it's like an eclipse, rare and magnificent.

Love, Sensuality, Devotion

If only he knew how hard I'm trying, how very much he is loved. Love shapes, molds, and changes us into the best versions of ourself.

Things (but mostly love)

Things written while mostly smitten (micropoems)

Over It

A 3 a.m. micropoem of eternal longing


You know I don't do this for the likes, right? I keep my blog advert free too. "See the safety from the life you have built, everything where it belongs" (it's a NIN song and worth a listen or ten).


"Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name, hello I love you let me jump in your game"

Kingdom Come

She is his to conquer


I need him. Utterly. In every way.


Pesky numbers

Remember Me

How many ways can I color, "I love you"?


He's everything I want and how very deep the need


He is a man of steel that I burn for


How to love a demon part 12. I'm sorry, that's not fair, I don't think he is a demon at all, and neither does this poem...

Holy Hour

Poetry is sacred

Poetic Ramblings For The One

Friday afternoon freestyle freeform πŸ™‚ + a few added snaps because it's my birthday weekend!!! πŸ˜ƒ

Her Secret Is You

A sweet little love poem that should have probably been kept top secret

Made For You

I need him like Earth needs our Moon, my soul is in an eternal swoon.


You'll never get close to me.

Made in Heaven (Movie Recommendation)

A movie recommendation of my favorite film since I was 10 years old.

Love Is The Subject

The poem says perfection doesn't exist but my love for you does.

Tree of Life

Let's carve our names in our tree! πŸ™‚ A poem about togetherness and separation. And how badly I crave his garden. (If you're reading this, I love you if you didn't already know).


They always want the young silver instead of the rare gold.

Lived and Learned

All the things I've done and want to do. Truth is, I only want you. A tragic poem which contains an ounce of hope. My life is a Shakespearean tragedy. 😊

Made of Steel

A poem about how hard we make life for one another.

Chasing Ghosts

We've been lost on the same road Making circles back again We've been chasing all the ghost Who will destroy us in the end Along the way we have passed Pretending each were a friend How long can we last Avoiding roads full of sin What test do we pass Where does the road to … Continue reading Chasing Ghosts