Control (Freestyle Spoken Word TikTok video)

New freestyle poetry dropped on my TikTok

You think you’re in control because I need your money?
You think I believe the lies you spread like honey?
I could leave without a care, my world would still be sunny!
The devil won’t even challenge me, says I’m the perfect study!!

Β© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal

Nevermind me. Busy pushing everyone the fuck away.

Full link to my new freestyle spoken word TikTok video:


My LinkTree will take you places:

19 thoughts on “Control (Freestyle Spoken Word TikTok video)

Add yours

  1. That’s what I like to hear! Thank you! I’m kind of in my pissed off stage, like where Jesus was when he was turning money over in the churches. But I do soft readings as well. 😜


  2. That’s what I dig about Insta because I can still share videos without users needing an account. Reels are something new over there and I’m just leaving my little footprint in the world. X


  3. My spoken word!! I perform it!! I have weird methods. But once I get a microphone stand I’m going to start doing some spoken word on Twitch, as well as, perform a little fingerpick guitar while reciting. All my spoken word on my Patreon is recorded professionally with a microphone and amp. I add music and elements to some. Thanks for the feedback, I’m super shy and have stage fright !😜


  4. I’ll be glad when I finally get a regular schedule going on Twitch. I don’t do these often (yet) but I’ve been getting my feet wet. I have terrible stage fright, anxiety, PTSD, and a brain injury. That and time is against me. But I will try to do these more! I want to get better at making TikTok spoken word videos. I appreciate your feedback and for stopping by!! 😊

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