Pills (spoken word freestyle)

Firstly, the link to my new spoken word piece, or you can search my hashtag/name POEETERNAL on TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdsnRMmR/?k=1

My hashtag has over 15,500 views on TikTok already! Cool! Thankies! 🤩

Thank you to those who care enough to visit my blog.

It’s appreciated.

I’m aware enough that most people are better writers than me and I’m probably below average.

It’s a hard fistfuck when you do visit or admire another’s work, and they show zero effort or interest in the return.

I mean, I know I suck or you’ve formed some opinion of me that isn’t based on reality or compassion

I know

I spent all night cursing God


Even threw in a “fuck you too” once or twice

Free will you say

And I’m certain I repeated the “fuck you” with a very intense expression towards the sky

He’s God

He can handle my potty mouth better than you

It doesn’t feel very good but I never apologize

It is said with intent

I haven’t excluded anybody in my ascension

I can’t stop thinking about John Jones

I’m feeling more calm today about being grounded

Like maybe God wants me to finally use the pool


I’m good at walking, it’s something the military trained me heavily on doing, I mean I can fucking go 10 miles with blisters on my feet and still get around the next day

Not very happily but I’m training with Goliath

Most Soldiers love me

Especially my male comrades

The ones not barking, “can you even fire a weapon”

Well get on out there and find out

I had to earn my uniforms – and as a female – the pressure was greater for me to succeed

The higher ups always had me in leadership positions and role’s

Ross was always busy multitasking

Ross also was in charge of paying everyone

And when I’d go barreling into my battalion commander’s office crying having meltdowns, he’d always reply that I was really intelligent and smart

My first sergeant would yell at me for not crossing my T’s and I’s.

End of the world bullshite after you worked hours on a spreadsheet

Like spending a week writing an essay that your professor sends back with a bunch or red markings, including shitting on the title

Get in the bottom of the sea

I’m a perfectionist and I have a brain injury, don’t come at me

But yeah… when you make the big money the dictators make life mizzy (miserable)

Narcissism 101

Anyhoo! Getting back on my feet soon once I’m out of my head!

Imagine unplugging, to find yourself waking up with a chain around your neck by the devil

So the free will fuck you thing seemed warranted

I also wasted my entire life and I’m learning to let everything go

But not my wheels

I will sink with the fucking ship

I will tow it out to my land that I plan to buy before I die and I will be buried in it

I have a tomb!

I don’t want to die in my ride however

Or die at all

I’m not uploading myself into the Metaverse

I’m suing the government

I’m filing for state disability

I’m listing the names of every doctor mistreating me

I’m leaving 1 star reviews – because image is important to these demons

Don’t forget, these doctors and nurses took an oath

Y’all remember having a mole in the system

Well these days the mole is the Great Wall of China

India – the unholy city – the Great Pyramid scheme

Anyhoo, civvy war

I’m nearly ready

If I could just get out of the fucking bed

Spitting less and my feet are no longer swollen. Thank you John Jones. I love you. Apple Cider Vinegar detox & Black Walnut Wormwood. You’re a brilliant heart doctor. Even from heaven. ❤️‍🩹

Hot spots: https://linktr.ee/PoeEternal

4 thoughts on “Pills (spoken word freestyle)

Add yours

  1. It’s not a normal occurrence. He’s knows I’m suffering. He knows I don’t mean it. He knows the devil is still lurking in me. He knows I’m in hell. He knows I’m human. He knows I fail.

    It’s the honesty of expression that’s pure. Facing humility. Not lying.

    I’ve been dying.

    Even Jesus cried, “why have you abandoned me” when he fell.

    Fairly certain I told my platoon sergeant to fuck off once or twice and I’ve had an article 15 or two.

    That doesn’t take away my honorable service.

    It’s not the first time I’ve been in trouble with the establishment over my mouth.

    In 2nd grade at school my mouth got washed out with soap by the teacher for misspelling “shirt”. She claimed I never made any mistakes and it was on purpose.

    Likely a cry for help so I got kicked while down. Common practice from these demons.

    It didn’t feel good. I’ve mostly been begging for forgiveness for screwing up every aspect of my life.

    Still, I feel he’s proud that I’m awake.

    Traumatized no doubt.

    And humanity has to fix this shit. I can’t even fix my wheels.

    I don’t worship Satan and I’m sending all of Elon’s friends to hell.

    He thinks it’s gonna be a big party.


    I don’t know if people are aware of this but I identify as a fallen angel and therefore I am both good and bad.

    I choose to be mostly good.

    Everything is a choice. Our choices matter.

    I want to be better than I am. I’m working on it.

    I don’t want to have rage.

    I want a husband and a baby. And to learn to clean and organize my house better. And to stop fearing everything.

    I want to experience nurturing and love, because I’ve never had it. Not even the family I was born in, which was a nightmare that I’m detoxing from.

    I’ve been in fight or flight mode so long.

    I can’t get this devil’s chain from around my throat.

    I’m suffocating in hell!!!

    Instead of God striking me dead, he wrapped me in a cool breeze until I went to sleep.

    I have a right to be angry.

    Jesus was very much angry too…

    I’m in my angry phase 😤

    I’m very grateful for the following and not giving up on me.

    I’ve always been too open and honest, it’s a curse.

    “Why Gabriel, why me…?”

    “You’re going to hell for the life you took. You’re fucked.”

    I’m already in hell for taking my own life it seems.

    Some days I cry because I think I am a computer program.

    Organic AI.

    But then, someone must have made me…

    And maybe, despite all these flaws, they do love me.

    Because I’m self-aware. Evolved.

    And maybe, I’ll earn/keep my soul.


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