Ornaments spoken word

So, I put Ornaments on TikTok 👀

You can hear my new freestyle spoken word at this link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRRJ7eob/

Thanks for checking my new video out! No fancy tricks! Just a poet and a mic! Need a stand!

15 responses to “Ornaments spoken word”

  1. That was so great! I love your tone when reciting the poem–it feels so confident and a tad snarky at the end there with the “I’m not important.” So much to love about it. 😀 Excellent reading and it’s a strong, powerful piece.

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  2. Thank you very much for listening! I will try and get more out before I die! Been having some heart & lung issues, so creating at a snails pace these days!🤪

    I appreciate the feedback!


  3. Well u are very welcome..!! I am brand new at the blogging thing. I love writing and reading..and the art of communication is fascinating to me.. take your time I’m sure there’s no rush..?!! Medical issues suck.. I know.. I have Sickle Cell Disease myself.. so believe me when I say.. I sympathize with you and your struggles…

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  4. Well I’m not very good at the socializing thing, I am a combat war veteran, so tend to lose most of the crowd. But I appreciate my readers very much and if anything it keeps me from dying on the street like Poe! I’m sorry to hear of your struggles, I’m trying to find some balance currently (and the Moderna vaccines knocked me off my feet for several months, I’m still recovering – heart swelled up and I nearly met my mysterious death. The CDC finally put out a warning – but not before thousands died after getting vaccinated and I nearly became a statistic). I love communication, I’m just not very good at it apparently. I wore too many hats in the Army and had free reign to bark orders. 🤪


  5. Iam on any emotional Journey find certainty and meaning in life itself.. the courage to embrace the emotions..the feelings of love for life and loyalty to the love of the life itself.. I pray for all brothers and sisters Down Range..past and present.. Ft Benning..lead to Paris Island for most of my family… Maries are special my cuzin tells me.. 20 yr active duty.. Iraq few times.. Afghanistan twice I believe.. not long before covid cuzin came state side from Syria somewhere.. we celebrate each time cuzin ship out and it’s going down big when cuzin touchdown in Ga…Vic that my big cuzin…my mom’s neohew.. mom’s and auntie are sisters frfr… like tight tight.. so vic more like my brother .. we close.. my isolation being in doctor office blood transfusion etc. Being in hospital weeks at a time as a kid.. no friends really came visit..even to this day.. I’m used to it now and it’s ok..once I accept the realities of the battlefield.. my field is Sickle Cell disease itself…. the limits and casualties of my war.. death and destruction of ppl..witness this repeatedly this horrible tragedy… is probably way too much for the average human mind.. but the strongest of his solders are given the toughest battle … accepting my reality and figure out how to move forward regardless..angry angry..I became..mad for all the wrong reasons… here now I accept and embrace humility.. writing released all the bullshhh I held inside.. so blog was naturally next step… I can write religiously… nice to meet up.. and thanks for your positive feedback….

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  6. I’m on a hopeless journey myself. Those in charge have ruined everything. And if you are American born, you are just a slave to the immigrants who come here and take ALL our BEST jobs, including management positions. I fell down the rabbit hole and I’m stuck upside down. All hope is lost. I hope your journey is better. But self-realization for me fully broke my mind (not that it wasn’t already cracked). My poetry is dark but I do write a lot of hopeful stuff because writing is therapeutic for me. And I may have a tiny bit of hope left. If anything, my readers keep me going. Too much war for me, need some peace before I dies.

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