Endless Love

I found a dream once
In a bottle
Walking along a white shore
Beaches of the whitest sand

Tides that whisper softly
Wishes and wants in the breeze

The bottle an endless joy
From which I drink again and again

Melancholy a distant sun
Enough to keep warm
But never burn

Oceansize kisses
From his tongue
To my soul

Seagulls swooping
Bringing poetry
In their sails

Skies of glass
And shattered clouds
With every peek he is there

Love is the breeze
From which he descends

A salty essence or tears
From times he cried
When I wasn’t here

The love is life
And I take shelter
Underneath his seashell

My sighs like morning dew
Where everything rises
Into something new

Rebirth in the stars
Fears chase comets
And forget us here

Every footstep a memory
Of what’s to come

A set of two
Of everything we’ve done

A beautiful moon in agreement
Of the life we choose
Forever full

And white beaches
That never end

© Delia Ross. 2019

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