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Campaign update!

Campaign update


That boy make me burnnnnnnn for him *sigh* (Micropoem + photos)


Information about my Patreon and love to my Patrons!

OOPS (Blog boo boos again)

Oops I did it again

Happy Friday

Thankies + snappies

Her Secret Is You

A sweet little love poem that should have probably been kept top secret

When It Ends

When it ends there's not going to be time for goodbyes

Rendezvous Avenue

If I were to take the blue Would it trouble you Can we meet Under the full moon Share secrets No other knew - Our complaints & grievance And pledge our allegiance Just between the two The air filled with sweetness From kissing all afternoon Utter discreteness At rendezvous avenue I gotta tent that sleeps … Continue reading Rendezvous Avenue


Take heed my warning For death is coming The skies are painted red Mud instead is raining And burying the dead No amount of training Prepared for the bloodshed © Delia Ross. 2019

You Are The Reason

You are the light at the end of a tunnel The Sun after a storm You are the reason I dream in color The reason my smile takes form © Delia Ross. 2019