The Saturday Symphony #12 (Birthday edition) *Re-Blog*

Hi guys. It’s my birthday today. And also the 12th edition of The Saturday Symphony. How auspicious is that? Here’s a little senryu to kick us off; With Age I Welcome Wisdom This week’s three featured posts The games of sorcerers by Olga – If you’re a Tolkien geek like me, you won’t find a […]

The Saturday Symphony #12 (Birthday edition)

A very happy birthday to Jude! And thanks for featuring my work over on the Saturday Symphony! (Please visit the original blog post by clicking on the blog post shared). 👍

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  1. Oh…I’m sorry…I was in doubt….I hit send & then I noticed “reblog”….it was too late then….but hey, we die ever single day to rebirth….so happy b’day….even though it’s 3-4 weeks ago ✨

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