Part of You, Best of Me

I lay my head down on silence like a pillow
The dreams are stagnant
His lies are foul
My hope sluggish
I cling to love like a parasite
And without sight

Envy is black moss
Ivy-thick doubt
Twines twisting around his silhouette
I watch clouds form from longing
Rolling thunderous covetous hands
Prying into my desires like butter
The wind is brewing strong regret

Quick strikes of lightning when world’s collide
If only nightmares were soft satin slippers
One could wear proudly his crown
It’s lost underground with the thicket

I have two shadows
And not one to trust

I yield to confusion
I give him skeleton keys to my home
A disorderly garden wrought with weed
Tall are worries
Watch him stall
Even the moon grows anxious and full

If I turn quickly I might spot a ghost
Rummaging through heartache
With fingers dripping from ink and mud

Tormented by what is
And chained to never was

Or maybe that’s just my reflection

If per chance you stood near
My gravity would rip you to shreds
Our halos are dancing instead

I’ll take part of you
The very best piece of you
You have the best of me too

© Delia Ross. 2020

longing foreversss

Hi y’all, hope you enjoyed this freestyle. I couldn’t sleep. I should be an expert on longing by now… where’s my fucking degree?

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  1. Hello dear Delia. I hope you are doing well. In three weeks, I will semi-tire. I will have time to write again. Have some fun and be safe. Lately my dreams were wild and crazy. In dreams, we fight battles to come.

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