Bleeding Ink

Break the chain, break the link, don’t wanna be in sync
The way your eyes and my eyes leak
The way we talk but never speak
The days prowl on and we are weak
But life is cruel and so are we
And I guess we are both guilty
But neither life is a life free
And that is why we’re bleeding ink

© Delia Ross. 2020

Couldn’t sleep because I’m dreaming of you (so I wrote this instead)…
The love of my life. His name is Sam. He’s got some teeth issues going on, and other medical stuff, but he enjoyed our day out. Look at that smile.

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9 thoughts on “Bleeding Ink

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  1. I’ve been the same but it’s hard to get away! I’m about to do a 48-hour social media detox! Too many triggers! Too many interruptions! I don’t like having to check in on a daily basis. If I enjoyed that, I’d be in a relationship or married (but some of the other people out here don’t seem to understand that I need my privacy and me time). So, I’m about to follow suit lol!! I get it!!! 😫

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  2. You’re about to follow, suit? 48 hr social media detox…cool way to put it like that….you’re your own “boss”….no one can tell you what you must do & must not…don’t get affected if someone says so….that someone isn’t you

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