These Hard Times

You’re free to go
Where the wind will blow
Disassemble and row
Nobody gotta tell yah so
So go on and show
What your feet can stow

Hello, good evening Tormentor
May I call you Mister?
Mister Tormentor?
Word hipster
Hard hitter
Love quitter
Still with her?

I go from tuning
To finely pruning
They say I’m ruin
I got sin brewin’

His voice is a soothing surf
Not a curse
I need him and it’s getting worse
For what it’s worth

Our lives aren’t permanent
I was born and in effect, I’m not perfect
Still mistakes you’ll erect
On display my regret
1, 2, 3, now it’s set
I’ll admit, I changed my bet
But you are dead and now I’m next

He was gone
But his eyes kept looking back
And now love was a balancing act
Her heart atrophied
From the love it lacked

It is so obvious to me concepts
But then I am gullible and miss steps

She cried so much
He made a levee
But it just keeps flooding
Her tears are heavy

There is more bad than there is good
It gets to me more than it should

Constantly pretending it doesn’t hurt at all
Restart. Repurpose. Throw it up against a wall
Reorganize disaster before they see the fall
Rejection. Redirection. He will not take a call

Taste the sin, twice the infection
Long-distance waiting, I cannot face inspection
Hours non-debating and time shows no affection
A trip to my own mind, a nightmare his direction

Everyday, I’m waking up triggered
Just today, frustration got bigger

He must exist in some galaxy far from reach;
Like my company he won’t seek

I’m stone but you cut through me like water; making me soft yet harder.

There’s a positive and a negative in everything I’ve learned; even the outcome…

I peer into my dream as if you’re there –
A hundred million reasons why I care

His words a sword cutting through stone; I guess I’d rather be alone.

Read the lines in between, I do get what you mean and, I’m not searching for a thing…

Transforming into high seas
Don’t wanna be on my knees
Or marching in an army

My dreams of him live in endless meadows
Where fears have been foreclosed
Never near the brink of extinction
Our love can never decompose

And now he’s building a nest
Right where her heart beats best

Both try to speak though tongue was held
They try to walk but they both failed

Sinners have acute senses sinning

One day she looked down at her hands and didn’t recognize them anymore.

Wounds she carries of others crosses.
Her hearts too heavy from all these losses.

Wrap me in your worlds; only want your words.

You’re always passing by
Why don’t you come inside
And stay awhile by my side

Secrets aren’t for telling
Even when we’re yelling
Secrets aren’t for selling
Even where you’re dwelling

I don’t know if he’s iron or sorcery / He’s got a hold on me

They come, they go
I’m high, then low

The trouble with worry is that I worry there’s trouble.

He yells “retreat, I am the dark”
But, he is the way for light to embark
It takes both to fuel the heart
And when it comes to love they hit the mark

“…You have to cut the cord”

“No, I can’t live without you…”

“Babe, you can’t stop existing just because I do” (love is keepsake, love is forever)

I gave you my best angles
My mess and my tangles

She said, “you finally showed up. Took the damn end of the world, too…”

© Delia Ross. 2020

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