I’m Okay

For those who care, and for those who are asking, I’m okay. Practicing social distancing by keeping six feet and wearing a mask and gloves when I must + staying home. My community is not allowed any visitors for 30 days and my town is still in shutdown/isolation/quarantine mode. I hope you are okay too. Sending love. And a bit of sunshine from the Sunshine State. xoxo

I have an entire galaxy of freckles on me.
I come flawed with natural hazel eyes. No one’s ever given a shit about my eye color though. Or me in general. I’m too petite and all the guys want thick girls or Barbie’s. Or modified with plastic and I prefer to feel things. So I am 100% all natural and rare. No longer dye my hair either. No fake nails, eyelashes, tans, breast, or hair. Just me. And I’m okay with me. I think it takes a lot of courage to be real these days. Peace out, yo.

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