I climbed a mountain but there was nothing at the top
I kept on going when the others cheered I’d flop
I kept on smiling even when I had to stop
I swear I love him even more than what I thought

I turn around and he’s collecting all I’ve dropped
I leave him messages underneath the rock
I thought he hates me but we’ve never even fought
We keep on eyeing each other like a hawk

© Delia Ross. 2020

You know that feeling when someone is watching you? And so you turn your head and catch someone staring a hole through you? Now move that into the virtual world and include ghosting. I can’t quantify or verify with absolute proof, but I swear he’s burning a hole straight through the fabric of my soul. We’re in hell, so I can’t turn around but I feel him on my back. And I leave him clues in my words. I live in his words. And I have a brain injury so sometimes I can’t separate fantasy from reality. And I don’t care anymore. Love Is Love. (And I stare a hole through his existence too. I feel him). Tethered.

” I always feel like somebody’s watching me / like I’m part of their property..”

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