Doubt was sound asleep and dreaming

Round and Wound

Narcissism. Longing. Unrequited love.

Mandatory Social Distancing

Sending love (I think) during this mandatory social distancing


I don't know how to stop loving him or whoever he is


I love him


I just freestyle wrote this *For Chris*


Unrequited love micropoetry

Ink and Tears

A freestyle poem of unrequited magnitude

Paper Cuts

Wake me when you're ready


To whom does his words belong


The value of nobody

The Color Of Sad

Her lips are the color of sad

Christmas Mourning

Christmas mourning freestyle rhyme

Web of Shadows

Aging like oak and bitter like stout


The cold comfort of nothingness


When everything hurts...

He Never Cared

Please stop the pain

300 Days

Sailing through heartache




After midnight freestyle

Fool’s Gold

Something good comes from all bad things but I can't find one here...


Pain times infinity




If only love were blind....

Seeds of Descent

Bleeding in rhyme and real time


She tried to warn them but they never listen; quick to cast a stone but not on the wrong...

Love You Forever

He's so far away now *sobs uncontrollably*


It's cold without his love

Hello, Excuse Me

Hello excuse me, uhhh sir, no don't go *sigh* (Are we doing digital lovers yet? Plug me in)

Third Eye

Please see me


I don't have anything because I don't have you

Rest of Me

Finish what you started...

I Need

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a micropoem!


Micropoem number 16,000 on unrequited love


I see him, I hear him, I feel him like no other.

One Thing Is Certain

Death or love

Dead Anyway

All woe is me post halloween


Lead me to you


Where do I put the love?


If only I could stop loving you...

Come Back



I need him. Utterly. In every way.


People always have the wrong expectations of people they never give a chance to know. And yet we carry that burden.


Hope is a fragile thing


Some micropoetry I hadn't intended to share but now I am sharing anyway because, rebel.

Cold Front

I wasn't prepared for winter


Banished from his heart


Freestyle midday rhyme about depression and love

Eyes Open

*sigh* seething


We are a modern-day Romeo and Juliet; I just hope we get a better ending, they died... (a freestyle flow)


A poem about triangulation. There'd be zero issues if they were "just friends". But they're not, and he doesn't love her but she's got her hooks in him anyway fully knowing she's keeping him from TRUE LOVE or any real chance of HAPPINESS


If only fingers were used for healing...


I'd wait for you forever but I need you now, tomorrow, forever, in any way but this way.


Nothingness am I


Where do I put the love?


He is everywhere inside me. A micropoem about confusion and worry. And a little bit of love.

Tree of Life

Let's carve our names in our tree! 🙂 A poem about togetherness and separation. And how badly I crave his garden. (If you're reading this, I love you if you didn't already know).


I am a wasteland

Ghost Island

Island of a thousand fucking tears - depression fucking avenue - loneliness - isolation - heartbreak - unrequited love


A poem about the devil in hell or about depression. Depression IS hell.


They always want the young silver instead of the rare gold.


I need him


There it was, labeled to me - I, the addresseeTrying on lovers because revenge tasted sweetlyInserting the blade ever so neatly -Ensuring the heart was severed completely Burning through dreams like an oil field in the night Running out of fuel and the zest for a life Looking back but never having any foresight Dancing … Continue reading Karma

Emotional Cargo

We are all carrying such heavy loads. A poem about that.

Grant me a Pardon

No matter what I do he's on my mind...

Black Star

To dream a life of pleasure, Reside a world of hell. Demands partial reason, Denies existence well. A star so dimly lit, Still reached the darkest soul. And in her heart he bit, Consumed it, left a hole. © Delia Ross. 2010

Chasing Ghosts

We've been lost on the same road Making circles back again We've been chasing all the ghost Who will destroy us in the end Along the way we have passed Pretending each were a friend How long can we last Avoiding roads full of sin What test do we pass Where does the road to … Continue reading Chasing Ghosts

Through To You

Is there a special niche needed to get through to you? How much time should one have to pursue? You threw down the gauntlets and then you withdrew You said you'd be back but it's clear that we're through I could wait long hours and it's something you knew Feeling something real has been long … Continue reading Through To You

Severed Connections

Always alone, what else do we know? We have grown accustomed to loom Universally we stand connected By lines to each other's doom How erroneous to accept The progress of dreaming, The TV is on, my computer is streaming All the world is aglow... © Delia Ross. 2010