Instagram will never use the term “shadowban” but that’s exactly what it is. So if you’ve been searching my hashtag, you’re not going to find me in the results.

GHOSTED BY BIG BRO, YO (but you were too). BAHHHH BAH SHEEPLE *I WANT OUT / LET ME OUT* (Neo heard my actual cries because The Matrix 4 IS BEING MADE)

Same goes for you. And you. And you…

We’ve all been ghosted.

I’m just giving you a heads-up that we’ve all been shadowbanned, so if you’re out there using hashtags on your social media sites, they’re not even working.

I don’t know how long the shadowban is going to go on but I imagine it’s going to go on for until after the election results come in and probably for even days after.

But like using a hashtag in a story that last 24 hours, useless.

And expecting people to find your work under your hashtag, also uselesss until the Illuminati allow us to not be fucking shadowbanned anymore.

After which hopefully hashtags show up in the search again.

Facebook and Instagram are the same entities and owned by the same company (so I don’t understand people who go, ‘I’m getting off Facebook’ but then stay or get on Instagram). *facepalm*


Hey Mark Zuckerberg what’s up??? I am so ready for that new virtual reality stuffs! I got you with the notifications on. But, I never got the shadowban memo. I was just writing a poem about how the love of my life has shadowbanned me and then I wondered if I had actually been shadowbanned and saw the notification in the search results that you had in fact, shadowbanned me. *le sigh* Can I catch a break???

The key information to take from all of this is, if you’re trying to search for your favorite artist via hashtags- recent stuff will not come up in the search results- as well as to know- that the flow of information is being controlled on the internet. Stay woke!

I haven’t been on Twitter in days but I imagine the same shit is happening over there too. Twitter is not owned by FaceBook/Instagram but most of these companies support the Illuminati. *ahem cough*

I’m a nice bitch so I just thought you should know because it’s a lot of work sometimes using hashtags for them to not even work properly. MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS FOR REAL. OMFG.

If you’re out there wondering why you’re getting lack of likes, or follows, or attention in general, this shadowban could be why.

You’re welcomes. Knowledge is power! Spread the words! I did goods detectives werks! xxoo @poeeternal 👍

Edit: more info about the shadowban from from the horse’s mouth

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP. Shadowban is a term we coined for when a business or company ghosts you (prevents your comments, likes, or hashtags from showing up in results). In this case, newer post that are being hashtagged will not show up on Instagram or Facebook according to Instagram and Facebook! I have a business Instagram account so maybe my search results show different information than yours but the information I’m putting out is factual and screenshots from the horse’s mouth.


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  1. And I’m definitely not releasing any more spoken word poetry or fucking reels until the goddamn shadowbans are lifted! I mean for real big bro! Cock blocker!

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