The Devil

Original cosplay and digiart by @poeeternal

I walked across the desert with the Devil
A slow trot ensuring I was careful
He gave me paper and he gave me pencil
He talked as though the world was sterile

He showed me war, he showed me death
And I saw things that took my breath
And still I marched into the depth
And on I march digging deeper yet

The writing’s on the wall contain disillusionment
And not a cry ever sounding jubilant
And though it pale, a voice to help illuminate
And at his wall I felt my soul rejuvenate

I took to paper and then to pen
And as I wrote I felt again
I spoke of how but never when
But dreams with him weren’t filled with zen

And though his touch cannot be felt
It is his words that make me melt
And care not how his names are spelt
For in his heart is where I’ve dwelt

© Delia Ross. 2020 @poeeternal

Original cosplay and digiart by @poeeternal

Hi. I am still working on Halloween edits but I have over 50 + horror themed original pieces of cosplay digiart that will be loaded onto my Patreon campaign – original photography and digiart that my patrons have access to use for their own blogs, websites, or projects (or just to enjoy)! 😄

This is a perk for supporting my campaign!

Original cosplay and digiart by @poeeternal
Original cosplay and digiart by @poeeternal

Your pledges give you access to exclusive original poetry and writing, photography, digiart, video, and GIFs, starting at just four quarters per month ($1 in the USA)!

I hope to be able to offer a print tier in the near future! It is currently in the pipeline (this will be under a new tier and photos will be printed on professional Kodak paper in various sizes)! If you’re into professionally recorded spoken word, I do that too (but in a higher tier). A lot of my spoken word is accompanied by elements and music, I do all of my recording, mixing, and editing through GarageBand, with an actual microphone and amp (nothing is recorded through a cellphone). I do everything professionally.

I can’t offer all my art for $1. That won’t buy a piece of gum and making art and writing is time-consuming and expensive. I’d like to be able to continue at this. I originally started out with one tier, but as I grow as a writer and artist, so does my campaign.

Original cosplay and digiart by @poeeternal

Currently there are over 300+ images available for my patrons to use for their own projects! With more incoming!

Original cosplay and digiart by @poeeternal

Although I don’t have any professional training in photography or digiart, it is something I’m very passionate about and Quentin Tarantino didn’t have any professional training either, he learned how to make movies by working at a movie gallery and watching movies.

I’ve been dabbling in photography and digiart, pretty much my entire life, so I think it’s pretty cool to be able to offer it to you as a perk for supporting my campaign. I work in real-time and supporting my Patreon campaign is the best way to support my on-going creativity.

I try to to give you really cool perks in return for your pledges at fair membership prices. My campaign is one low monthly fee (not “pay per thing”), and it keeps this blog going and advertisement free (zero spam). So your support is greatly appreciated.

Original cosplay and digiart by @poeeternal

But your support also means I can pay my bills, buy some bread, and even get crafts and supplies to keep all this going, including the cosplay.

Original cosplay and digiart by @poeeternal

Thanks for checking out my work and supporting small business and indie artists!

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