Forever Exists In You And I

In my dreams, wide awake, his kisses cause rainbows to form
For his existence helps lessen the storm
And every word is shaped by his form
And in these poems are how I’m born

He’s the prompt for starlight
Or how eyes have sight
He’s the moon at midnight
And for every word I write

© Delia Ross. 2020 @poeeternal

Our equation reads: I love you times infinity (squared). Can you put that into a formula for us?

I have cursed freckles yes all over this pale ass flawed and scarred skin. It’s just a cover for my broken soul AKA the spirit AKA energy and energy cannot ever die, it can only transfer from one thing to another according to Einstein’s general relativity or whatever theory???

No filter. Ugg
I have the hazel eyes so they change on their own based on my mood and what colors I’m wearing. I never wear contacts ugg fuck plastic – it literally makes women lethargic. It’s so toxic ugggg but whatever okay. Perfection still doesn’t exist. I don’t want sensory deprivation and that’s exactly what plastic, TV, and porn does. Bah. Go back to sleep.

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