The Color of You

He told me his color was the sky
So all around me all I feel is his eye

He said, look no further than to the sea
So now I feel him crashing on me directly

And now my favorite hue is sapphire
And by the lake is where I hope to expire

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Disclaimer: this poem IS NOT about skin color. Or maybe more an FYI.

Some porn goddess is out there stealing my signature booty move 🍑- but that didn’t stop him from wanting to run off to Vegas with me and elope. I know the feels.


“Wanna meet me in Vegas for a wedding”

“Whose” *twirls pigtails ditzy like

“Ours, duh”

Uhm yes please now yesterday


K, thanx, bye

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