Population Zero

He said he wants to dig deep
Experience life behind the angel’s wing
Far from heaven’s keep
Beneath the iron swing
Where the stars can’t breathe

You’re the reason I jumped into this timeline

Careful what you wish for
Cuz it won’t come around no more

He’s sitting on a pot of gold
Or maybe hinting on impossible
He hangs it on a line for me
Like his dream’s a possibility

He wants us broken from our roots
Then we are wild and loose

He’s like a sudden eruption
And the one thing I am always wanting

You’re like hiking a new terrain
A secret I can’t contain
You are the wind but never rain
You move with freedom where I see chain

I keep calling
Fickle and thorny
Under moon and mourning

I didn’t mean to follow
But the lines were yellow
And the cries so hollow
The flags were screaming hello

160 miles to the end of the world
To the end of the world

You were never friend
You were never foe
Light you only bend
Into something unknown
Stars can’t comprehend
What they’re never shown

My endings must be your first steps

It may be Iceland
But he is midnight sun
He’s got the world to burn

There’s poison in the water
Radiation leaking from the towers
There’s too many now in power
We are slaves at every hour

Liberty, please free me

Your book got stained
By tears of an angel
Maybe mangled
Hollowed and chained

Hello, where are you?

I want

I want to be

I want to be your hotel

I want to be your gal, your hotel

I want you endlessly, with no sleep

And when the sun should rise

So to my dreams

Look at how time pulls him
To the center of my being
He is swinging from creation
To bring me everything

I buried your book today
Six feet betrayed
Pages burned with the rage
Torn and decayed
I spit on the grave
So that’s the price you pay

I’m always awake
Dreams never come
I’ve stood atop of sorrow
Cried for all they’ve done

You’re a loser but you get to lose last

He was a stream she followed into a river that flew from November
And everything she couldn’t remember
Frozen along a seaside where all condemned her
A mirage getting nearer

He’s like a long lost love ripe from the vine
Picked from the hands of time

He’s the fresh air filtered from hope
A twisted tongue untangled from rope
A fixed hole in her boat

We need to be more stronger in our courage than our fear

The mood is morbid
More dark awarded

Where do days go wasted
Dying in the dunes
So many words we hasted
Watching how light communes

I ripped it right from the spine
I never even read a line

A place for two
Fit for me or you
With just a tiny view
Enough to kill the blue

I want to earn
So I can spend
Bred to consume
Until the end
Not born with spoon
But fed with sand
Give me more doom
‘Til world can’t stand

We’ve only ever seen ourselves in reflections or pictures
Double dirty mirrors
They sell us any sin by preaching the holy scriptures
Watching how light flickers
But they all have the same figures
Endless filthy triggers
And the devils’ are getting richer

Oh to be a sunflower instead the weeping willow

He doesn’t mind if I’m awake or doped
Love’s the cure no matter the diagnose

He’s definitely not the hero
With a population zero

Did you ever care your dreams were stitched to mine?
And choice was chosen farther back in time?

An older view but a heart of gold
Maybe reckless
But I’m dying young

I can feel him tugging like the tide
In between serendipity
There’s nothing we won’t try

I want you to come first
How earth is spinning
You should feel thirst

He’s gone but then he’s back
He’s super focused, then off track
I think it’s over when that ain’t fact
It’s never excitement we ever lack

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

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