Dear Spectrum, fuck off!!!

Send me one more piece of junk mail for your fucking services and I’m coming up to your fucking building

I’m coming up to your fucking building and you’re not gonna like me turning Karen on you, I can fucking promise you that, you’re not gonna fucking like it if I have to come up to your fucking office, stop harassing me, stop sending me mail!!!

I’ve opted out on your website via phone and mailings several times and every day there is a piece of spam in my mailbox from you! This has gone on for four years!

I’m about to go postal, do you fucking hear me now now!?!

‪Stop sending me mail! I’ve opted out on your website several times!!! Stop spamming me!!! ‬

I made a TikTok about it because this is your final fucking warning to leave me the fuck alone!!!


God damn you make me ill!!!!!

I have done everything in my power to get rid of advertising in my life, to the point that I don’t even watch fucking TV and yet every time I go check my mailbox I have some junk mail by Spectrum and I’m gonna fucking blow all the buildings up if you don’t leave me the fuck alone



Final warning


And the thing is I am with sound fucking mind telling you this but you have driven me out of my fucking mind

So how sound am I?

Like flicking the match to light my cigarette fucking calm before exiting my vehicle


This sort of harassment with spam and advertising should be illegal, my fucking personal mailbox should not be used like this.

I spend way too much money in rent every month to be consistently harassed by your fucking company

Leave me the fuck alone!!!!!

Rape rape rape of privacy!

Help!!!! Being harassed!!!!!!

Spectrum is harassing me!!!!

Can I get a fucking restraining order?????

Again, I have visited their website on several occasions and filled out the information and the forms to opt out of communications or services and they won’t leave me alone and it’s been going on for four years and I’m losing my fucking mind!!!!

I am not exaggerating, it’s every other fucking day I have a piece of junk mail by them over four years now!!!

They are responsible for destroying the rainforest!!!!!


I’m being held prisoner against my will!!! Why is this company allowed to mail me so much fucking shit to my private home address?

Why do they have my fucking private home address? Why do all these goddamn fucking companies have my private home address?

Turn your advertising off everywhere, including on Yahoo because they are selling your personal information!! And god knows what other apps!

Anytime you download an app or use an app you are giving them permission to fucking ruin your life!!!!

Help!!!!! Tell Spectrum to stop harassing me by sending me offers for services every other day to my home address despite opting out on their fucking website!!!

Who is in charge because something bad is going to happen if I get any more fucking mail by them, there’s something bad gonna fucking happen if I get any more mail by them, this is your final fucking warning, your final fucking warning!!!!

Where the fuck are my rights?

I said NO

No means no!


*loads gun*

I ain’t playing around 👀

I know I’m not the only one being fucked out there by these companies, I hope somebody else has my fucking back around here!!!

Like the fucking law!

No means no!!!!

Leave me alone!!!!!

Go away!!!!!

Private address!!!

No soliciting!!!!!

Fuck off!!!

I will fucking die before I ever join Spectrum

You’re never getting me now!!!!

It’s a matter of principle 💪

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you

I’m pretty sure I woke up my neighbors venting about your fucking company

And look at this bullshit, they’re responding by giving me an external link to use, I’m not clicking that fucking shit, that’s how you get shit installed on your fucking computers or devices, I don’t touch fucking links!!!

Goddamn these motherfuckers get my goddamn heart rate up and I need zero stress right now in my life because I already have heart trouble

But yesterday when I went to get the mail out of my mailbox and I had two more pieces of junk mail by spectrum I nearly lost my fucking mind

Because it’s been going on for four years and I can’t get it to stop



I’m in hell

Some external loop

I’m in the wrong timeline

Somebody needs to get spectrum off my back though because I’m about to go to jail


Made a TikTok about my frustration with Spectrum:

They better be on a fast track of deleting me from their fucking systems

Anybody else harassed by them? Drop it in the comments!

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