A little chart of my growth on OnlyFans 🥰

I work really hard at my modeling and photography

So here’s a little growth chart of my progress and time on OnlyFans

It will be interesting to see how this chart changes when porn is eliminated from the platform and they push their new agenda of pop stars and advertising

Either way, I’m still the little guy!!! Making tiny waves! 👀

Thanks for supporting my artistic creativity! I’m so grateful for you! You’re helping me grow as a human being! ❤️

Development has been hard for me because I didn’t have parents, I had abusers and I joined the Army when I was very young so the only training that I really have is from the Army or the lessons that I’ve learned being in the abusive, narcissistic relationships that I’ve been in and every relationship I was in the men always tried to hold me down so I never could reach my potential and you’re helping me reach my potential as a human being and an artist

Furthermore, you’re keeping me from dying on the street like Edgar Allan Poe

That is priceless

Come check out my content, I’m running some fair deals on memberships and have over 1.5k photos and videos to scurry through!

While my content IS NOT XXX, it is Rated R and from the positive feedback I receive, my nude photography is enjoyed. Thank you!

I appreciate your visits and your stays!


I used to complain that my hair was thin but then I realized that I was comparing my hair to people with fake hair
People will say, “cut your ends off” and the answer is NO. It wraps around me and curls. I want it free flowing and messy, just like me!!!
Because look how long it is getting and it’s 100% real hair and homegrown directly from my skull 👀
These are just some outtakes from my newest OF set (wanted to show off my real, silky hair). 😌 Hair is thin but long and heavy (zero grays)!

And to anyone who says running and a tanning bed is better than a Beach is full of shit

It’s easy to say that running is better than a Beach when you don’t have one 7 miles from you

K, thanx, bye

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