I do not have, nor have had COVID… ❤️‍🩹

FYI, I have not had Covid or any of the symptoms of Covid but I have underlying health issues that I was dealing with before I got vaccinated and when I injected the poison vaccine in me it made my underlying health issue become priority and it almost killed me and if I had gone to the ER I most certainly would have died but instead I took matters into my own hand and saved my own life

I haven’t had any flu symptoms or whatever

No fever, diarrhea, vomiting, ect

But I am still dealing with the side effects of the vaccine

And if you have underlying health issues you should not get the vaccine 💉

Honestly, if you are in shitty health condition and your diet is shitty, you shouldn’t come in contact with a vaccine or even Covid

Nobody should get the vaccine because it’s spreading the virus and herd immunity is way stronger

And I know TikTok is doing a lot of shit to fuck with our heads but you should know that in their own country they reward innovators on TikTok and here in America they reward stupidity

Everything they do is to keep us on edge and fighting

It’s narcissism and it’s just tools that the narcissists use to keep us on a low vibrational frequency so that the devil can steal our energy

I don’t have Covid

I’ve never had COVID or any of its symptoms

The Moderna vaccine gave me cardiovascular issues – heart inflammation (all the vaccines cause cardiovascular issues in any age group)

It’s possible I’ve been exposed to people who have had Covid and my vaccine worked or it’s possible that the vaccine is what put me in this fucking position to start with

I’m still uncertain if I had stayed unvaccinated and caught Covid would I wind up like my sister who unalived or would the vaccine save my life?

I know for fact that the vaccine did in fact hurt me by giving me heart inflammation and I have not had COVID-19

I also know that the devil lives in doubt

Though treated with the Moderna poison vaccine, I never boosted or got a Booster

I’ll never get a flu vaccine ever again either 👀

I will mask up until I feel safe to unmask

I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I have a soul and I am in hell with a bunch of demons who are trying to steal my soul but they need to maintain their fucking distance and respect my fucking boundaries or God has given me permission to end their fucking life

I just didn’t want you to be afraid of me, you don’t need to be afraid of me

But I’m afraid of you so you probably are afraid of me

It’s cool

I work for God tho if that was in any way unclear

And the dude’s I lust after I legit love

We’re living lives in my daydreams

They keep me in the light

Somewhere, something in me tells me that they’re still fighting for the light

I haven’t given up on humanity yet…

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