Optimism (micropoetry)

The label read, “Laudanum poison”
The world thought the devil was joking

She’s all gold and glitter
Stone cold and bitter

Does the Torah hold my death?
My life, my breath?

Everything comes with instructions
His math deductions
Not hoping for much then…

He has me figured out
I guess it’s true
We’re mirror images
Different versions of our truth

There’s something far more sinister out there;
And I know you say I’m ominous but I don’t care…

I want to like everything he does
But equally he makes me cuss

How far does light travel to reach darkness?
The depths of your hardness?

Maybe I forgot I asked a question
Maybe I wanna change destination

The lord is convicting me
Always inflicting thee

A drying desert road
The rose of Jericho

The house of hoping
The Mariana Trench of moping

Evolution is a bottleneck
Head first tho, what the heck?

Is the moon a satellite to find me tucked in your sky?

She begged, “come save me”
He replied, “it’s a definite maybe”

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I love him 🤨

A damn demon 🧐

Helps. In hell. 😑

Message to Lu

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