It’s not science, it’s compliance

It’s not science, it’s compliance

But TikTok doesn’t want you to know this

But ask Mark Zuckerberg what happened to his fucking platform after I left it

China really needs more than a great wall when I get done with them

*prays to God (self)*

What do I do? 😩

Also God: *watches it burn*

Was I suppose to be mad about it?

Was I supposed to start crying because I’ve lost my voice?

Was I supposed to run off to another platform and complain about TikTok’s censorship?

Was I supposed to cry about how unfair life is?

Oh boo hoo

China have tiny dicks that they have to overcompensate with a big fucking wall and gaslighting because they can’t rule any other way

India want to have the biggest dicks of all and that’s why they are the CEO of Twitter now, that’s why India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world (Big Pharma) but they are one of the most dirty countries because they don’t even know how to clean themselves yet they want to call themselves the holy city (stop lying)

Uggg whatever I’m prepared to eradicate all races

Only 6% of the population even have my blood type and that makes me closer to God than you 👀

Or the source

I’m closer to the original because they are cloning me and I’m sick of coming back to hell to save YOU (me)

The Great Filter is upon us

We’re not going to Mars, we can’t even get to the moon, how the fuck do you think we have technology to get to Mars if NASA are saying we don’t even have the technology to get back to the Moon, please wake the fuck up

But I’m not falling down the singularity and we are at war with China and you need to turn your porn off and you need to stop eating all that sugar, it’s poison

Your body has everything it needs to heal itself right now

If you get sick, don’t you dare go to the hospital, don’t you fucking dare…

I’ve also saved my life but I don’t wanna feel too cocky even if God mode were turned on because I literally could die any second

We’re in a simulation 

You can change your bad habits

The source wants you to win

Even if I disappear because of China

Even if I lose my voice completely

God wants you to win

I love you 💪

Demons are trying to take my TikTok account down and I’m gonna take a vow of silence for a little while…

I’ve pinned this post to my website since TikTok doesn’t want you to know

Somebody should let TikTok know that we can take them from the top 10

Just ask Mark Zuckerberg who is still crying about it

And he thinks he can enforce his product on us through the government but we’re going no contact from the government

We’ve got a weak little army but lots of strong vets getting even stronger with the help of God 💪

Soldiers know darkness better than John Jones but we both know suffering

Bless his heart he was murdered and crucified

This is all for John, everything I’m doing

I’m gonna be spending a lot of time meditating with God because I’m gonna be spending a lot of time fighting demons

Including my own

Stay in the light

Pray pray pray

Water positive charges prayer 🤲

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