Living dead goil 😀 (photos)

If I don’t look 500 πŸ‘€

My roots are brown, my hair is faded black

I’m on death number 689832479074357 and still complaining

But I still see no grey hair

Despite being age 500 ish (give or take a century)

I need to accept that I became obsolete to man when I got my period

And I’m alive with a half working heart

You should see my regrets πŸ‘€

I like my lines. I earned them. 🀨

My hair is in between worlds these days. But I ain’t dying it and haven’t for months. Been detoxing it, stripping it, and then repairs. The dead ends should fix up but it’s a work-in-progress. Don’t touch my hair when I die.

There’s only one guy I even want to have my body and I want him to take care of my body in the afterlife, like I want him to be the gate keeper of my body, he can do what he wants to with my body, I want him to take care of my body and if he brings me back in some digital form then that’s between me and him 😌

I want to donate my body to *you know who* (love of life)

Some people like my nails. I did them. I’m tired. I look dead. I did them anyway.

Am I still fuckable half dead? πŸ˜‘

Happy Vampire day πŸ€ͺ

Gravity has been shaping my boobs


But somebody who ignores me now said he wanted to put a baby in me and fill them up

I wanted that so much πŸ˜‘

He’s mad at me for having my own place to rent instead of being homeless πŸ˜‘

He’s mad at me for his mistakes πŸ˜‘

Thanks for the love on my live today! 🌹


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