Daytona Beach Bike Week stabbing: Police release person of interest video

Terry Aultman, 48, and Brenda Aultman, 55, were apparently riding their bicycles home from Bike Week events when they were attacked, police said.
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Eek. A double sacrifice to the singularity.

I had a black man approach me and scare me Sunday during my live. Don’t think he realized I was live when I got cornered.

Today, I had a black man threaten my life during my live, simply for walking on the public street recording.

Black lives matter. White lives don’t. 👎

Black people are consistently threatening me and scaring me for no reason yet they call me the fucking racist…

I am armed and dangerous. The FBI and CIA will get yah.

Uncle Sam / the Army will get yah.

But I don’t feel safe around anyone or anything.

I’d feel safer sleeping with the gators (no not really).

I know you’d really like to see my city at night but it’s fucking dangerous.

Has anybody seen anything threatening during my lives?

I wonder if I need to take them my video or if he was in that same area that I was in during the afternoon.

I wonder if I should just stay the F home.

This was a married couple riding their bike home.

Another bike murder.

And I wanted to fix my bike 😩

Welp. Maybe not.

Try and stay safe y’all. We’re in end times.

I got triggered today but won’t be anymore.

The next time someone comes at me with an attack I’m just gonna like look through them as if they are a ghost and disappear into the fucks I don’t have…

Or, immediately call 911 and say a man is threatening my life WITH DESCRIPTIONS of his looks and whereabouts

Do y’all ever use a mirror to look for bombs under your vehicles? Or tracking devices?

Do y’all constantly change your route and routine?

Do y’all constantly look in your rearview or check your 60?

Do you live in fear or paranoia?

Every step I take, I am dancing with death.

I am clumsy, and out of breath.


2 responses to “Daytona Beach Bike Week stabbing: Police release person of interest video”

  1. I can envision what happened. He stabbed the husband wounding him, he fell to his knees but then moved on to the wife before finishing off the husband and moving them to the bush. Quick. And out of sight. These monsters always know how to avoid a camera.

    Stay in the light y’all


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