Elementally Depleted (poems) ((trigger warning)) ⚠️🔻🔺⚠️

I hate him. I hate all of them.

I don’t want to go on breathing but keep fighting for my life
I’ve given up on reading yet still visit him every night

Curtain rods, gold foil & air ducts,
NASA rode the moon riding our fucks!
Working 3 jobs for some tiny bucks,
Got some cartoon back as insults!

I’m struggling with forgiveness
It’s not formed on my lips
I’m struggling with existence
While I’m bleeding from my hips

When the devil tries to kill you by knocking out your heart and it takes nearly one whole year to rebuild your damn ark!

There’s serpents everywhere my den
Got no time for sin

Why do you want to fixate on the devil’s tricks?
Prancing around the tele screen, you’re just the devil’s bitch!

I am a child
Plot of field still wild
I breathe like fire
Heavy flames expired

There are elements in me that will never sprout

I’m good at firing weapons but not for making braids
I’m terrible at friendships but a life I might can save

His walls are made of human skin
The darkness knows just where he’s been

I have rode the river of regret
I haven’t left it yet

I found him on a cliff of nope,
Hanging sorrow from a rope.

Once again I am forgotten
His garden of the rotten
His soul ain’t cotton
Evil is common!

The vaccine accelerates death from other causes
From vein to coffin
Below no crosses
I’ve seen the process

Rotting under sheets in the unholy hour

Like an elementally depleted star,
He didn’t yell that far!

Poison for the devil + spring water = an extermination

Oxygen, both life and decay! Tell the world, I’m not okay!

The serpent who lied to Eve still lies today
I know tongues that turn heart to clay

The Apollo deception
Our wedding reception?

You all failed your first inspection

Defund the Deep state
And tell God I’m awake

The furrows where they plow might guide you out

NASA is a money laundering enterprise
The Devil can’t keep nothing from Gods eyes

I don’t know whether to see him as a man or monster
But left the moon to ponder
But not a place I wander
His flag displays dishonor

All our heroes are counterfeit
Straight to the dark, my spirit went

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Thanks for checking out my work!

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I finally updated my website tagline, since I’m starting a new life and all…

And I will get around to fixing my website, I really need better organization everywhere in my life.

Also me: Potentially may die on the street naked and completely mad like Edgar Allan Poe

*hears match strike and the sizzle of tobacco burning*


Well it’s motherfucking possible, Edgar

At this point, it’d be a damn honor to die in your footsteps

John is prodding me with his wing!!!


There’s something I’m supposed to do before I leave here

I burned my pot of chili I spent hours making

The devil has me crying so much today but I’m eating my burned fucking chili anyway

I might’ve burned my chili I spent six hours cooking but I’ve still got poison to drink

I’m a pack animal, I need a friend

*sleeps with blade*

On a positive note, porn stars are receiving gifts for Easter and I’m ready to dive head first off a bridge

Give you that ending you always wanted

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