The House (poetry)

Society is a gamble where the house always wins,
And when I read your poetry I always get the bends.
The world says we have free will but aren’t we born with sins?
And you and I are circling, don’t know where start begins…

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

They say rhyme is a dying art, how am I doing?

I walked 2.4 miles yesterday and came home and puked. I also had a blacked out four-door pick up truck pull over randomly on the side of the road and watch me walk for 10 minutes. I was already feeling extremely vulnerable from the heat and didn’t know if I was going to make it home and then I had to put my water away – to free up my hands – for a potential kidnapping. That motherfucker got out and opened up the back door watching me – in his truck – completely blackened out.

I need to get my bike fixed. My Jeep. And move to the country. I have a certificate of eligibility from the VA and I won’t have any closing costs when I buy a home. The VA also now allow veterans to buy/purchase a Mobile home with their COE.

I’m not trying to buy a mansion or a farm. Land is still fairly accessible to buy in Florida.

You can be buried on your land in Florida. I’ve visited mobile home manufacturers – where they sale the units – and have ones you can view.

I don’t need a bunch of fancy upgrades. It’s not a pipe a dream.

My bank is already offering me small personal loans now that my credit is improving again.

Even if I don’t buy, I’d rather rent in the country.

Orlando and Daytona Beach has been overrun with thugs. And immigrants (from the Middle East who open shops and harass you while shopping).

It’s sounds mean I know, but we’re victimized. I’m tired of being silent about the blaring racism coming from people of opposite color.

Not to mention, my people are still living on reservations. I’m an outcast. They probably wouldn’t accept me.

I long for my own land and to be one with the earth, animals, nature.

Men are great at farming, herding, hunting, gathering, creating life. When they focus on purpose, rather than Satanic rituals.

I never had a father, I long for a male figure in my life.

I’m trying to cuss less, I’m just so effing angry! It seems it keeps me ground. And outta jail.

I don’t know if I’m gonna move anymore and I have an empty storage unit that’s holding my trampoline right now.

I’m going to buy the part for my ride soon and then eventually after 20 more no’s, somebody will say yes and help me fix it

I’m still detoxing with Black Walnut Wormwood and I learned to take zero breaks.

In fact, you need to do a 90 day cleanse at minimum, if you are battling a long list of shit. Everything from cancer to IBS.

I guarantee you need to deworm yourself and your entire family, probably pets too.

At this point, I am exorcising the devil out of me.

My periods went back to normal. No more agitating back pain. Minimal cramping.

My lungs are clearing out. Stopped using the Nebulizer, which I swore made me worse. Have a shit ton of medicine unused. Fuck Big Pharma. My care team did nothing but make me worse! It’s a dictatorship inside the VA and I would like to be able to pick my own primary care doctor from a list of doctors including outside of the VA. End of.

Furthermore, I’m done with traditional medicine. It’s the devil’s poison! I’m a former combat medic! Once a medic, always a medic!!! And fuck you for saying otherwise

“Your certifications are expired”.

Oh boo hoo. I’m still educated. Deal with it.

If I wasn’t so poor, I would’ve, at minimum maintained my CPR certifications that I had for over a decade (15+ years)

I’m not that old

Everyone who keeps going on about how old I am are gray or bald already so I don’t get it even the ones that are like 20 they’re fucking bald already

Like I still love you, but you put a lot of pressure on me to maintain like this youth when you yourself are letting yourself go, that’s all

Do better.

Alcohol causes early balding.

Alcohol causes women to go grey.

Look, you’re all beautiful as you are!!!

Dr. Jordan Peterson even admitted that makeup sexualizes women (anyone who wears it) and makes you look like a fucking child because that’s what babies lips look like



And we shave too

Look, I’m not trying to crucify anybody, I’m just trying to let you learn and I do have a science degree in psychology, so I’m an expert in my field

Human nature is still very complicated

I’m still learning to be human

I’m earning my wings


It’s very dangerous living here in this concrete city

I need some green

And alligator’s visiting me

But I’m clumsy and absolutely cannot fall because they will fucking get you even if they’ve been fed already

“She died doing what she loved”

I mean, that does have a better ring to it than, “she dove from the bridge”

I’d like to keep writing easy rhyme

I’m a modern poet

Life is so dangerous, I mean the sun can take you out, but so can people in black pick up trucks…

The good news is, my medicinal does free delivery and will be arriving soon 🤩

You can order weed online and get it delivered for free. And stop the lying about it costing more in the pharmacies because they always have fucking sales going on and it’s just not true…

Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with people stealing your money, not having what you want, not giving you what you paid for, being hit on, or illegally arrested

So there’s perks for getting your card, and over 71% of Florida residents voted yes for medicinal, and I was one of the voters who voted yes, and now I’m getting to reap the benefits of that, because voting does matter on a state level.

I also voted to give prior criminals the right to vote again and now I’m wondering if that was even fucking good of me

Since the criminals seem to always be fucking harassing me because they want me to live in fear

That couple definitely was not living in fear riding their bikes home from bike week to their dream home that they bought six months prior

I’m lit (not like that)

Uhm, I think God wants me to use the amenities out here I’m paying for that I’ve never used

I don’t really want to get inside the chlorinated pool, but I wouldn’t mind hanging out on the lounge chairs, utilizing the gym, or pool table

There’s a grill or two outside

I have grilling stuff but I don’t have any meat to grill and they’re not giving it out for donations anymore and there’s some sort of man-made pandemic going on with livestock

The cost of meat is beyond my means

As a reminder, I’m trying to buy a house

And get out from under renting

I’m just tired of renting and then every 12345 years having to move somewhere else because of the neighbors being unruly

Body cams exist. Door cams. Car cams. Bush cams. Window cams. Mini cams. I’m gonna fucking catch you cams. And within the budget.

Neo, if you’re out there, I could use some help.

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