Revelation 5:11 (poetry)

10,000 times 10,000
Plus many thousands

Seraphim’s and cherubim’s
God has more than dozens

One third fell with lightning
I know I’m never happy

102 million angels in existence
We often change appearance

Β© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

When a demon tries to have a conversation with an angel about the future or the second coming – race division is already here – there are only 2 races in this timeline – human or demon.

Welp, and the fallen (the Devil & his minions)

And God’s warriors

Cuz not all are bad

Jesus would share a meal with me and a fucking bed πŸ‘€

God don’t even need an invitation πŸ‘€

They can come on in πŸ‘€

I hope you’re aware that the book was written by the devils in charge and it’s very satanic and you should stop worshiping it and giving it your money

Anyhoo it’s 2:23 AM

I’m writing poetry when folks are sleeping or committing sins

I’m still having chest pains but making other health improvements

My doctor is sending health teams to me since I can’t get to them

Not making up my fucking disabilities

People are dropping dead with Myocarditis

I gots it

God has been saving my life

It’s been a long recovery

I was in tremendous pain and in very dark times

The devil was the only visitor

I cried so much

People were calling me a liar when I was telling them I got injured by the vaccine

The Government began censoring me from speaking out

I started getting penalized and threats about having my social media accounts removed

I’m ready to sell my phone and TV

But God says I’m a messenger

And I still swear John Jones has played a hand in this

And healing my heart

Miracles do happen cuz something big saved my life

People are dropping dead like flies

I’m sleeping in the lion’s den

I don’t live in fear but I got to get my anger issues under control before I have a heart attack

I do fear everything tho πŸ‘€

“Are you still homicidal” they asked

I laughed and swallowed and “what”

“Oh no”

(I do tell lies) 🚩

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