Death is the answer (poetry)

Complicated lessons for a demigod
Good or evil
I know you are
Push my button
You did it far
All forgiven
It’s not that broad

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Me: so if I like jump from a building I’m gonna die

Them: you die in the real world, you die in the Matrix

Me: so death is the answer to the question of life


Do you know what it’s like to be shot up with the Mark of the beast, nearly dying over and over, crawling around in the dark, and God saving your life


You don’t know what superpowers are growing inside

You don’t get to flag me and put me on a funny farm oh no

“She died doing what she loved”

Yeah, fighting for humanity and God

I’m gonna die in battle

I’m gonna burn it all down

*sips coffee*

But God got me on bedrest

I smell the enemy everywhere and I’ve gone insane

Long long gone insane

I know these dwellings well

Just ask Edgar, he’s here all the time

The streets are cracked with his lines

If there’s an alien invasion or a second coming, the establishment are behind it so you need to settle fucking down goddamn

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one awake

A living nightmare

And I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t get into the things that once would sustain me

I can’t stand the propaganda!!!!!

I’m hyper-focused on land & my own T3 arsenal

Not to go crazy homicidal

To prepare for an alien invasion or second coming

Insert whatever propaganda you want

For me it’s just humans without morals or ethics, possibly even clones

And no, I would not kill my clones, I’d free myself

This establishment should be very scared of who I’m capable of becoming

The Great Becoming

If only I could get off bedrest…

Warriors need an incredible amount of nurturing and soul care when healing from such wounds of transgression

Big Pharma went after my mind (through the VA system and advertising)

The Devil went after my heart and lungs

(anyone else experiencing WordPress crashes, effing espionage)

Be careful with your diets

People are dropping dead

They have weakened us

Our government has been compromised

You don’t need a piece of paper to govern you

You know what’s right and wrong

People are starving and having difficulty accessing food for various reasons

There are different forms of love

Everything is suffering and needs compassion and light

It’s okay to protect your energy from the darkness

Many are lost

It’s not our job to save them

Don’t let the devil through your door

Tell him to get the fuck out if he gets inside

He must obey commands!

Words are spells


English is the language of the Illuminati and the Devil

One language, one currency, one government, one world order

JUST SAY NO to the uprising

I’m sorry if you have lost your children, pray for them!

Many of these demons know that they lost already and they know that you have light and energy and they want to take you down with them!!!

I lost my sister to the singularity

I’ve dropped many family and friends!

I’m sorry!

I’m trying to live life as clean and naturally as I can

Entertainment is junk! It’s all sexualized garbage!!!

Wake up!!! Stop supporting this insanity!

I wanna see the rich cry 😭

They don’t know suffering!!!!!!

Stay in the light!

I have to get ready for my video connect doctors appointment so I need to go now!!

Working closely with my doctors to get better!


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