Trespassers (poetry)

Shut the eyes of trespassers
The sun is down all day
Antarctica is turning red
My tongue careless what to say

Can you lead me heavenwards
I don’t show lines of grey
But you’re like a figurehead
I am lost either way

He’s like a shutter rarely open
Torrential rainfall in the forest
If your lens is in focus
We’re really hopeless

Freckled spots among the leafless
Limbs are growing
Though we’re porous

With constant flooding
Accumulation of our fears
Without love
So malnourished

Nothing but a debris field
I hope he lives here
Larger than the ocean
I really need him

self-portrait circa June 2022

You’re a sentinel program sent to destroy
Age 36 but still a boy

Go through the ceremony but don’t get the certificate
Get married but don’t have the state involved with it
Give them details but don’t get specific
Crash into depression, but tell everyone you’re terrific

I’ve got a bad attitude but maybe I’m not bad
And if you see me smiling, it’s likely that I’m sad

God or wild beast – my prayers heard the least

He seems to hate me with contempt
The lines were crossed
Up went a fence

The sign read not welcome
Whatever I did
I forget


We are the Bermuda triangle 🔺

Intense radiation heat can leave behind a shadow. Poetry or portfolio. You are my meadow.

All the laughing, excitement and sensationalizing on someone’s sorrow; They don’t have a moral compass to follow.

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Postscript bullshite👇

I’m basically housebound with this illness. My health is up and down. My mental health is suffering. I continue to practice mindfulness but I swear I feel my depression is growing worse. I’m practicing gratitude more. I’m trying to live in the now but it’s growing extremely difficult with the current establishment. I’m lost but then I’m found. I’m compassionate and then I’m swimming in darkness and hate.

self-portrait April 2021

All the neighbors are getting along. Hello we continue to mumble. We’re getting letters on our doors on if we’re in “good standing” or not. Everything is a dictatorship. Every turn the burn of a whip.


I might as well start coloring the walls.

I am simultaneously moving and not moving at the same time.

“Well, this can go in a box, we won’t be here forever”.

“Well this might as well get put away, we can stick around for awhile”.

It’s a fucking insane asylum in here.

But, I’m working on getting my extra bedroom organized and re-done.

I got my trampoline back those motherfuckers stole my goddamn fucking key and lock.

And I mean this was a lock I didn’t want to lose, I even got the CEO involved and those motherfuckers stole my goddamn lock anyway.

I got to lose sleep, several nights of sleep, over the fact that my lock got stolen.

Every conversation to God: “this is hell and I’m a monster” 😩

I don’t know how to be a human, I don’t even know how to exist in the same room as another person.

Shit is deep

I don’t even know who you are and I can’t live without you.

I’m a mean girl

I don’t wanna be nice

But I’m in intense therapy which extends outside the office visit hours

It requires constant self-reflection and control

It’s exhausting and not at all easy re-programming yourself to not be self-serving

Or completely fucked up from previous traumas

And I got to continue to hear on TikTok about how women are obsolete over the age of 40

Women have been obsolete since they started their fucking periods… 🖕

I’m getting back to rebounding soon tho – I rescued my trampoline and I’m gonna go back to rebounding at home. I am small and petite but would like to work on my booty gains. It won’t ever be picture perfect. I’m a mama with stretch marks and saggy boobs! ✌️

I don’t really get to play the role of mama tho unfortunately.

I don’t get to be a human at all.

Your porn and propaganda is working.

Shame you don’t have the willpower to be who you were meant to be.

And I’m sick of everybody with the same personality. It’s a cult. 👀

I want to play dress up again and be more proactive in the blogging community but I’m still fighting for my life.

And I can’t help but cry about the state of everything.

And your poetry brings me life.

Are you performing anywhere?

Do you appreciate your fans?

(*whispers* please do an audiobook so I can fall asleep to you)

You feel that way too, that women are obsolete over 40?

He said we can all have our cats 😑

I’m trying not to disappear so – it would be nice to hear your voice for a change instead

You do everything so perfectly how hard could it be

I’m over 40 so I’m supposed to be obsolete now but I don’t even have a grey fucking hair

*jumps from bridge*

But that great white has been revisiting so I could just you know take a dive out there into the ocean- it would be really easy to get swallowed up in that tide like that 14-year-old last week or that great white who is taking bites out of Human’s

He’s big too

What a way to meet your fears

I’d probably have a heart attack before he’d get near

I freak out just seeing the tide at the seawall 👀

I might be out there in the morning watching sunrise

I need the vitamin D

Fuck that asshole

Fuck you

Fuck everything

The world is shit

I love hate ???? you

She ain’t wrong tho –

Hot spots:

8 responses to “Trespassers (poetry)”

  1. I love your poetic feeling and how you bravely express that daily battle, without any hindrances or buts, you are always fighting to come out on top, although it often costs us a lot.
    Hugs from afar.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The costs!

    I’m still paying the price for this life! 😩

    I appreciate the support. Y’all are like my life jacket while floating at Point Nemo.

    I’m so unhinged that stubbing my toe could do me in.

    I mostly cry because I don’t want to hurt a thing.

    But that raging beast inside does not feel the same. 😑

    Nobody said unplugging meant losing yourself but here I am completely lost.

    Thank you for your support. I appreciate the light.

    Liked by 1 person

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