Saving lives with the 2A is cool

“We’re sickened by…” as the cops sit around and do nothing

“It’s a federal matter” as our country and policies get destroyed by propaganda and immigration

More civilians are aware that cops are USELESS to protect the citizens

And just like that the 2A was used to stop a gunman at the Mall who was targeting and killing innocent women

A 22 year old male STOPPED the gunman

And now more people will start playing hero of the day

I suspect subliminal messaging is being used – on those who watch porn and horror or listen to certain music

“You will buy a gun”

Yes you will

And you will go to the range and you will start practicing to learn to defend yourself and those around you πŸ‘πŸ‘

And maybe you’ll save a 12 year old girl from being shot at the mall


(Another shooting happened in Indiana on Thursday. Just stay home or get you a weapon and a carry permit)

If you’re a soldier with a DD 214 you won’t need to go to any kind of civilian classes because you’ve already been trained by the fucking militia so you’ll just need to worry about your carry permit and whatever else your state requires

But you get to pass Go, you’ll still need to pay some dollars for the permit πŸ€ͺ

We wasn’t worried about immigration when we were playing Monopoly were we

Hollywood is pumping you full of mental trash – that causes mood and behavioral changes – as well as brain damage

I’m glad you and your porn star can talk about the latest Batman movie though but you won’t catch me in the fucking theaters

FUCK YOU and the Minions too πŸ–•

And I hate Google. I’m not sharing any articles because many of them are forcing you to pay for their junk now – which is mostly gaslighting and propaganda – so you can just Google a different article until you find one that is free information. Fuck subscribing to this insanity. You’re literally funding it. I SAID LITERAL. DEAL WITH IT

Circa April 2021 ish

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