The makeover continues…

I took the tip money and bought something nice! πŸ₯°

I took advantage of that labor day sale!

I scored the curtains for under $8!! I really wanted that set!! Cheaper than Walmart too and absolutely cuter (and gothy)

I got a Halloween costume from the new Halloween section on Dolls Kill for 80% off 😍

The curtains and the costume!! πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

And a lace bodysuit (my first) ☺️

But that wasn’t all


Was able to pick up accessories like thigh high socks, jewelry, daddy cosplay attire, and other thangs

I spent the $3 extra for the 3-5 day delivery

They get your order out so much quicker

Or you can wait two weeks for them to mail your stuff out to you or pay the three dollars extra and they’ll get it mailed out to you within 3 to 5 days

I love the secret and flash sales! 🀩

Stuff goes so quickly

I saw they had the valentine set back up and I was going to go ahead and get another set because it was $.96 and I thought what the fuck I haven’t received my first set but I’ll go ahead and get those and double it since they’re only $.96 and I’ll be damned if those bitches weren’t already sold out…

I really hope y’all let me mail you some snail mail

I’m excited to get that Mixed Messages card set, especially knowing how popular it is ☺️

But my set will be arriving any day, they already shipped

I got them for a good price but not under $1

I think the mixed messages would be fun to mail out for Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas and all the way up through Valentine’s so I’m not waiting months or however long it is

Hopefully somebody will let me mail them a card to their work or wherever!! πŸ₯°


There’s enough to go around

Trying to send some despairing cheer

I got some Daddy cosplay stuff with the tip money πŸ€ͺ

Goth BB will be making a future appearance

Especially since spooky season is here

And I used that tip money to buy my Halloween costume from my favorite store!!!!! Thank you!!!

I’m buying size small which feels really weird because I have not been a small since I was probably 17

And this is my first time in my life ever buying lingerie

I don’t want to show you the costume, you just have to wait!!

It was originally $60 but I got it 80% off for their labor day sale + a mystery code!!! Extra bonus discount!!!!!!

I’d love to celebrate Halloween this year and go on a haunted hayride but I’d get kidnapped especially in that costume

I have guys who follow me out to my vehicle in my little shorts with no make up on and I don’t have a fucking filter on when I walk outside

It’s dangerous where I live especially for a gal like me

He was scanning the parking lot…

His truck was big…


Maybe I’ll just stay home and take photos for you πŸ€ͺ

I’m excited!!!

I have a Halloween costume and I really wanna show you the daddy cosplay stuff but I can’t, I can’t show you yet, I can’t fucking show you yet

I’m not dropping anything about it in my story


Halloween feels like Christmas

And BB wants to look cute for you

Maybe a lethal doll

DOLLS KILL (let the neighbors know)


Should I show you?

I really wanna show you πŸ€ͺ

Well I got the curtains and you know the curtains I wanted to get and I do think I got a good deal for them and everybody needs fucking curtains

I have no curtains in my apartment

I’ve lived here for five years without any fucking curtains, if anybody is giving me shit for spending less than eight dollars for some fucking curtains right now, you just need to go away with your negative energy, these are for my master bedroom privacy

I made a tip and I spent it

I invested it in myself and my art and mental health


You inspire me

And I got the rent paid

I still need to go grocery shopping so I didn’t spend that much money over there and again I used my tip money

I’m not gonna stop sharing my life experience just because I’m over there working now

God wants me to have a husband

I ain’t out here doing anything to disrespect him

I don’t have a man but you know I’m out here, I’m out here doing the hard work for him to fucking destroy my self-esteem and tell me I have no value

I would have married him at 12…

He tells me his secrets then punishes me πŸ˜‘

He hasn’t spoke to me in weeks πŸ˜‘

He’s got another girl πŸ˜‘

She probably does dirty things for him πŸ˜‘

He makes me regret being born πŸ˜‘

But ordered my first bodysuit and the regret is less

Plus my first proper Halloween costume in years

God said it was OK if I spent my tip money on myself


And the child in me was not compromised or tainted

God says I’m special, not broken

And all the things I feel are part of being human

There’s good nature and bad nature

Sometimes we make mistakes but when you acknowledge something that doesn’t suit your soul purpose and you stop doing those things, that makes you human not a demon

Waking up was part of my journey and it has taken me so long…

Can’t quit now

The Devil trying hard to get me…

But he can’t have me and I got a cute Halloween costume to mock him instead 😈

Halloween is my favorite season I think

I’m pretty certain I was burned at the stake in a past life

Also, there are ways in which I never want to die

“Haven’t you died 12,000 ways”

“I ain’t going that way, the answer is still no…”

Prime example:

Nope. Leaving that convo between me and God

Ain’t putting it in the ether…


Fuck it


The earth just opens up and swallows you

This guy was in his bed sleeping or jerking off and it was the only place in his entire house that went under and now that whole area is condemned with a fucking piece of plastic do not enter tape line

My fears about dying are starting to get irrational and I already have a therapist so I need a husband…

I got some thigh high socks to combat the fears

That red satin bow set was my first

And now I’ve got another set incoming soon

All these years and never wore socks over the knees and now I don’t wanna stop

I love you πŸ’•

I wanna dress cute for you

Deadly but cute


Sometimes good, sometimes bad πŸ€ͺ

I just need a husband to sort me

But I’m absolutely grateful for your viewership

You keep me going

The tip did not go for something bad (like alcohol or gambling)

I’ve never had a makeover in my life!!!!!!!

I’m glad I can share it with you


(Could you let him know I need him)


He released feel good hormones when I was dying

That’s why John wanted one more phone call

But he was denied πŸ˜‘

He lost all hope πŸ˜‘

But I’m not gonna jump from the bridge because I’ve got shit coming but the gang is out and about and they’re probably going to taunt me again tonight so I probably won’t get any fucking sleep tonight either

Where the fuck can I ride my bike with my LED lights and not feel like I’m gonna get murdered???


I even got a wall butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!! LED!!

And I’m gonna burn this grey shower curtain from Walmart

Or put a bunch of old oversized clothes in it and roll it up and make it look like a body and toss some of my cosplay blood on it and take it to the dump as the kids are off to school

I don’t think it’s normal to be having these ideas or laughing the way I do 🀨

Thank fuck for curtains and pretty lights tho


Ah fuck yeah, and bed sheets

I’ve been so caught up on getting murdered

I’m not allowed to enjoy my life

They want us living in fear


Halloween is here πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ


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