Dear John (poetry)

I don’t know how
To get out of this trap
There’s nowhere to plow
Unmarked territory on our map

But you’re my guidestone
The provisions you provide
I want you on my backbone
Like heaven is on my side

Did mother earth loosen its grip?
When upon heaven you did slide?
We’re in a fellowship?
There is no divide?

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I’m dropping Halloween sets on my OnlyFans. Some people like my poetry and photography and that keeps me going.

I like exploring who I am this way.

The safety of the veil.

Fun fact: I’m actually an extremely skilled combat medic.

Trained to kill and to heal.

Dangerous combo ⚠️

Link to support:

psst… he’s down here with me, he’s here, and he still wants out. He doesn’t try to stop me.

“I want out”

“I hate this cave”

“My legs hurt”

“Why did you put me here”

I’m still fighting for my life but I got a toilet

“I talk to dead people”

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