Location (freestyle poetry)

My location is
The light from chandeliers
Knelt down
The thorns around your crown

Need the heavy glow of moonlight
The deep trails of twilight
Your words gives me appetite
Open wounds for sacrifice
Redemption on the dark side

His expression was burning like a sun
I wondered what had I done
Sundown soon
Turns out –
I’m just someone!?!

Hello Unicorn

Spooky tales
And wishing wells
Parables in parallels
Devil sleeps
In nine hotels

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

It’s Halloween y’all. I bought skates. I’m glowing. Another heirloom, so hope they fit.

Conversations with Millennials be like:

“Have you ever hung out at a Mall”


I beat Mortal Kombat on a quarter with a line of people waiting and watching me at the arcade with SubZero against GORO

My mom was a bitch but I beat the game on a quarter.

No easy task.


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